8th Grade Recognition

I wrote most of this post back in June and never got around to posting it. Oops! I figure I probably should share before I start high school next month!

Woohooo I’m officially a high schooler! No more middle school!! I can’t even explain how ecstatic I am to be out of that prison. See ya never!

Graduation was on Monday and the last day was on Tuesday. My school has a whole ceremony and banquet- the whole shabang.

Photo3 (16)

My dress is one that I bought at TJ Maxx about 5 years ago – for $3! It was always too big, but when I tried it on this time it fit perfect!

We took lots of pictures and had a dinner. I seriously ate so. much. pizza. My belly had no feeling.

Photo2 (31)

Photo1 (91)

I gave a speech. This is something I never imagined I would do. It was actually more of a poem since it rhymed. It talked about the memories of middle school and what to expect in high school. Everyone told me I did great, and it was really fun writing it!


Then we had a dance for a few hours. No one really danced, but we took lots of pictures. And you know what? I had fun!

Photo1 (92)

Photo2 (32)

I really hope I have a good time in high school and enjoy it. It’s my last 4 years of living at home and not having to worry about things. Let’s just hope I remember that!

Do you remember your middle school graduation? What about high school?

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Yesterday I took a trip with a group from church to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It was so nice to get away for the day and hang out with nature!

I had some toast then squeezed in a quick 3 mile run before we left knowing I wouldn’t want to run when I got home. When I got to church they had doughnuts… and chocolate milk… and I couldn’t resist 😉

Photo4 (12)

After some brief problems finding the trail, we were finally on our way! The hike lasted a little over an hour and covered just over 3 miles.

Photo4 (11)


Photo3 (29)


Photo5 (8)




I was starving when we finally made it to the beach and eagerly devoured my lunch – PB&J, broccoli & carrots, and an apple.

Photo2 (60)


Photo3 (30)

I wasn’t planning on going swimming but people looked like they were having fun so I caved 😀 Lake Superior was pretty cold, but really refreshing!

lake superior

Frisbee was played and rocks were picked

Photo2 (61)



We hiked back and within 10 minutes of leaving we were caught in a torrential downpour. God blessed us with a beautiful day hiking though, so I’m not complaining! We stopped at Hardee’s on the way home. I didn’t want anything because a) I don’t like fast food and b) I had this waiting for me at home!

Photo5 (9)

I watched the Tigers, pinned, and was more than ready for bed at 9:00. I’m a grandma 😉

WIAW- Random

Hellooo Wednesday! You come so quick.

Breakfast yesterday was a typical one.

Photo1 (58)

english muffin w pb, jam, bananas added post pic

Since I have a green smoothie pretty much daily, I experiment a lot. I definitely like spinach more than kale. Peanut butter is a must.

I didn’t take a picture of lunch but it was pizza, salad, green beans, breadstick, and milk. I personally love school lunches. I have pizza every Tuesday and enjoy every bite.

Dinner. I’ve been wanting to try California Quesadillas for quite a long time and last night was the night. And honestly, they were not my fav. It was kind of depressing.

Photo1 (59)

We didn’t add artichoke hearts but added romaine. Also used spinach tortillas.

Photo2 (22)

I also do not know how to not burn things so that was sad. I had a little anger because I just got overwhelmed with eating, taking a picture, trying to not let the thing fall apart. I didn’t enjoy it very much. The dressing wasn’t great either. 😦


I have neglected to share some other eats.

Photo3 (11)

I was dying of starvation on Monday for some reason after school. Normal breakfast and lunch, weird. In the teachers’ lounge they had leftover pizza and I was so hungry I would’ve ate horse. This was chicken/alfredo/fajita. It was heavenly. Chicken, cheese, onions, tomatoes, spice. Probably something I would’ve never tried but I was so hungry and it was delicious.

Photo4 (5)

Okay, I finally tried a Chobani. Chia seeds, granola, and strawberries made it in. It was yummy, but I’m not going to start eating them everyday. They do put a dent in the wallet!  I do want to try the pineapple flavor though.

Photo5 (3)

Dinner on Sunday- crockpot chicken and sweet potatoes with peas. Something must be wrong with me because I didn’t like the chicken. I guess it needs to be in something- I can’t eat it plain. Mom liked it though so it’s not bad, just me.

Recipe: Crockpot chicken and sweet potatoes


2 chicken breasts

2 sweet potatoes

1/6 cup brown sugar

2 tsp cinnamon

vegetable broth


Put sweet potatoes then chicken in crock pot

Mix brown sugar, cinnamon, and broth until liquidy

Pour into crockpot

Cook on low for 7 hrs



I wasn’t really into this post, you could probably tell. I just don’t really have the time right now to be super creative and edit and everything. Once May is over, I promise I’ll be more exciting 🙂

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the party!

Always doing something

For not having plans this weekend, I still stayed pretty busy. That’s good though, otherwise I get quite crabby! Some marvelous  things did happen though, so let’s share!


Marvelous: On Friday I went to a friend’s birthday party. Healthy people, avert eyes. I ate so.much.pizza. I lost count around 6… I do think my body needed it though. Sometimes it needs a break from health and could use some grease to get movin’! I really enjoyed it and that’s okay once in awhile!

Image (12)

Marvelous: Went for our usual Saturday run with cousin Laura. Always a nice easy pace to get ready for Sunday long runs, and some good talks.

Marvelous: I hit double digits!!! It is so crazy to think about just a few months ago when the only exercise I got was going to the fridge. I ran 10 miles. Technically 10.8 with warmup + cooldown! I just can’t believe I’m here.

Marvelous: The Cellcom Half Marathon is in less than 4 weeks! Wow. That is going to come so quick! I’m so pumped.

Marvelous: Dinner on Saturday. Such an easy meal but it was so delicious. Ciabatta with turkey, swiss, spinach, and tomatoes with roasted asparagus. Those of you on Instagram know what I’m talking about!

photo (36)

Marvelous: Brunch on Sunday. I needed some recovery foods after the 10 miler and this was perfect. Baked Oatmeal Casserole  except this time we added a mashed banana to the oats. Shut the front door it was amazing. Plus a green smoothie.

Image (13)

Marvelous: Family dinners. Grandma doesn’t have them too often anymore but I love when she does. I think this was the first time I actually ate what she made, no fuss. Big steps! Chicken and biscuits. It was good! Plus her oatmeal bars. Grandma’s recipes are always the best.

Image (14)

Marvelous: I am planning a Run for Boston. I had the idea last week, and I’m making it happen. All the proceeds will go to the One Fund Charity. It’s a lot of work! But I think it’s going to go well. It’s on May 11 and I’m really excited. I probably won’t be on the blog world too much- I’m crazy busy!

I definitely feel like I gained a little weight this weekend. I’ll get back on track this week.

So that’s a little recap of my weekend. What was the best thing about yours?