Hey everyone, long time no see! I’ve been tagged by Miranda to do this little survey floating around, and I thought now would be the perfect time! But first I’m gonna talk a little about what I’ve been up to. I’ve been at “the cabins” with my dad’s family for the past couple of days. I’m supposed to stay for the week, but I had to come home early since cross country officially started!

I had a lot of fun there. I didn’t have any plans so I just took each day as it came. Every morning I ran the 5 (hilly) miles around the lake. Breakfasts were usually toast and cereal, lunches were sandwiches, and dinner was whatever was made. I actually ate all of the dinners, not worrying about time or what they were! I hardly took any pictures, which is why this post is looking a little wordy 😉 Anyway, I had a really nice time catching up with my family and just relaxing. I mean, look at this view we had everyday!


So now the survey! Let’s go 😀

Current book:

The Michigan Murders. I’m about halfway through, and it is really good. Crime lover right here!

michigan murder

Current music:

Whatever is on the radio. I like everything but country!

Current guilty pleasure:

Mom made scones and let’s just say I’ve eaten my fair share 😉


Current nail color:


Current drink:

Water. All day every day. With an occasional glass of milk thrown in.

Current food:

The past two days have been toast. One with peanut butter and banana, one with avocado.

Photo2 (52)

Current TV show:

MLB Baseball. Go Tigers!

Current wish list:

An iPod shuffle! I want to get one so I can listen to music while I run without having to wear an arm band. Anyone want to get rid of one?! 😉

Current needs:

There’s nothing that I really need right now. Oh wait – a haircut would be nice! It’s split end central over here!

Currents indulgence:

Elephant ears and funnel cakes and caramel apples and french fries. Okay, fair food! It’s fair week!

Photo2 (53)

Current blessing:

Just enjoying the rest of my summer and being happy! 😀


Current excitement:

My first cross country meet next Friday!

Now I want to hear these answers from Brittany, Liz, Sunnie, Molly, Allie, and Katherine! If you want to do it please feel free!

Have a great weekend everyone 😀

Loving Life

Yesterday started right – cross country running group! “Official” practice starts on August 12th, so these are just open runs. We did mile repeats and my splits were: 7:24, unknown, 7:07, 6:49. Then I jogged home for a total of 5. Pretty good, I’d say!

I came home to a delish green smoothie, then talked to my mom about plans for the day. There was nothing on the agenda! We weren’t really sure what to do, and finally we decided to take a ride out to the lighthouse! Photo2 (43)

We had a picnic of Subway (footlong turkey & avocado!) while enjoying the lighthouse view.


Then after about a mile hike on the trail and seeing lots of wildlife,


we went and found a Geocache!

Photo2 (44)

We took lots of pictures in and on top of the lighthouse.



Photo2 (45)

Photo3 (21)

Then when I got home, my dad called and asked me to go to see Grown Ups 2! Honestly, it wasn’t that great of a movie at all. Really predictable and not the best acting. The first one was better. But, I got to spend some time with him, Lynn, and my brother so it’s all good!

grown up 2

At the movies I wasn’t planning on getting anything since I had already eaten dinner. But a pretzel sounded really good… so I got one! Then I got ice cream after! (Not that I don’t ever eat ice cream… I just hadn’t “planned” it earlier)

Sometimes I like to wonder at the beginning of the day what the day will bring. Then I think of how I’ve changed, even if it’s just making a small step!

What sports did you play in high school?

Seen any good movies lately? 



I can just feel my mood improving so much. It’s absolutely beautiful outside! 60 degrees this weekend- marvelous! I don’t know if that applies to you down south, but it feels like a heat wave here.


You know spring is here when… I can go Geocaching!

Photo5 (2)

You know spring is here when… I can jump on the trampoline!

Photo1 (49)

You know spring is here when… all the snow is off the deck!

Photo3 (8)

You know spring is here when… bike rides. Looove bike riding.

Photo4 (3)

You know spring is here when… I can run without a jacket!

Photo3 (7)

You know spring is here when… I have outdoor softball practices. The gym was getting pretty hard to practice in!

You know spring is here when… we start the yard work. Raking leaves is a lot of work!

You know spring is here when… I can cat hunt! Probably my favorite part of summer. I’ll just walk around town and find cats and pet them. (minou means cat in French… if you were wondering what the name meant!)

Image (18)

You know spring is here when… baseball is in full swing! Saw this on Pinterest. Love it.

detroit loves boston


I’ve got a suuper busy week ahead. This month is just packed! I’m just really happy 🙂

How was everyone’s Monday?

Fashion Friday [4/22-4/26] + a few extras

Is it seriously Friday? This week just flew by! I’ve got a school dance and then I’m sleeping at a friend’s tonight. I’m forcing myself to be more social since I would happily sit in my living room this whole weekend 🙂 I’m looking forward to it though! My mom has been irking me lately. I need to get out of the house!


photo 1 (28)


shirt: Apt 9

jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

flats: Lauren Conrad

scarf: Mudd


Image (17)


shirt: Lauren Conrad

leggings: Wet Seal

boots: Naturalizer

bow: Mudd


Photo1 (42)


sweater: Princess Vera Wang

leggings: Walmart

boots: Candies

necklace: Vanity


photo 2 (31)


shirt: Forever 21

jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch


headband: Claire’s

necklaces: Claire’s


Image (16)


poncho: Lauren Conrad

tank top: COMO Black

jeans: American Eagle

boots: Payless

headband: Walmart

About my mom. I think I’ve been relying on her too much. We haven’t talked much the past couple of days, but I’m actually really happy. At school, practice, by myself. I feel really good. Maybe I just needed a break from her!

I’m also not worrying about food as much. We didn’t make dinner together, we just ate whatever we wanted (how we used to be). I feel like I listened to my body and it wanted carbs. So I had pasta the past two nights in a row!

Photo2 (15)


Whole wheat rotini with marinara, spinach, chicken, and an egg. I saw the egg on Sunnie‘s page and I’ve wanted to try it since. It adds so much flavor!

Photo1 (45)


Whole wheat penne with broccoli, chicken, and alfredo. Definitely added more sauce after this was taken.

Race planning is going amazing! I am a super busy girl. I had no idea it would take off like this. We’ve got radio stations, newspapers, Facebook, everyone is getting invovled! Check out the flyer below 🙂


Have a fantastic weekend!

Moving Uphill

I don’t know if any of you know, but I am depressed. Like really bad. I’ve finally told my mom and confided a little bit. My dad came over and we told him too. We’re going to get help. I’m gonna start talking to someone. I think I’m starting to get better. Just telling them made me feel good, like it’s out of my system and they can help.

It’s been really nice out the past couple days and that makes me feel a lot better. Nice like getting to run in capris!photo 5 (11)

Yesterday my mom and I took a ride to the big town and did some shopping! Kohl’s is honestly the best store. Ever. Such great deals!

photo 2 (26)



I got a nice brand new Colombia jacket ($230) for $46 plus 30% off! 2 in 1. It will be great for xc skiing!

photo 1 (23)


I also got a few shirts, socks, and some specialty food. Everything was so cheap!

For lunch we went to The Vierling. We couldn’t have meat since it was Friday, but we managed to prevail! I got a Greek Panini.

photo 3 (23)

ciabatta, spinach, feta, roasted tomato, herb dressing

photo 1 (24)

It was a new thing for me. I’m not used to ordering anything but plain pasta! But it was good. Really flavorful! … Unlike the coleslaw. I think they took cabbage and added milk. It was so bland!

As for my mom,

photo 4 (21)


An open Whitefish sandwich. Guess what? I tried it! And LIKED it! I’ve never eaten fish so that is a huuge step! I even finished it for her.

What’s a lunch date without dessert?

photo 2 (27)

Key Lime Pie. My first time ever having that as well! It was definitely homemade. The lime was pretty strong! The crust was to die for. We split it. It was just what I needed after eating!

We did a little window shopping, didn’t buy anything. As we were leaving, I saw an ice cream shop. I haven’t treated myself in a long time and said I deserve it! I think I need to treat myself more! I didn’t regret it and really enjoyed it! A little ice cream won’t hurt me!

photo 3 (24)

It was from the cutest little shop, Doncker’s. They had a restaurant upstairs, and we’re definitely going there next time we come to town!

So, I think I’ve taken the first step to get better. I’m opening up to my parents and I’m gonna try to be more social. It can only get better, right?

Have a great Easter! ❤


A Marvelous Ending

Am I really….. done?! No more basketball??? Well, for two weeks until open gym starts 😉



I know, we still have high school ball. But this was the last travel tournament and last time this exact team will ever play together. Next year we’ll be split up on Varsity, JV, and Freshmen. And how cool that it was in our home gym, the first time we’ve ever hosted a tournament!

The night before the tournament (Saturday) we went to a benefit for a little girl with leukemia 😦 and so I could load up on my carbs. Spaghetti FTW!

photo 1 (22)photo 2 (25)


I love eating so much. The coleslaw was amazing! The desserts honestly were disgusting.

We had games at 10, 2, and 6. I love eating a good breakfast to keep me going!

photo 3 (21)

Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, banana nut cheerios, Greek yogurt, nutella, almond milk


I also had a leftover piece of the Oatmeal Bake. Yum! And a banana after the first game.

We didn’t disappoint the home crowd. We went 3-0 to seal the championship!

photo 4 (19)

Sadly, the last game I wanted to puke and cry because I ate way too many sweets. It’s not like I even ate that much, my body is just so not used to it. The concession had a bunch of baked goods to get rid of and they were way too good a deal for me to pass up. 2 for a quarter, I mean come on!

Image (2)

Pumpkin bread, banana bread, “energy bar”

They were these little mini loaves and so cute! The “energy bars” had oatmeal, peanut butter, coconut, sunflower seeds and chocolate chips. These weren’t the most unhealthy things I could’ve chose. I didn’t pick cupcakes or cookies!

I went for a 6 mile run after to feel better, and since it was my long running day for training. I had to stop at Mcdonald’s and pee, hahaha. I was feeling better after. I took a shower and went to bed! I was exhausted!

photo 3 (22)

family pic… do you think my arms are super awkward?

photo 4 (20)

friend ‘Tasi’

It’s just the beginning of basketball. I’ve got a long road ahead!

How were your weekends? 

I just realized I have a stats test tomorrow for the first grade of the marking period.. wish me luck!

A Fabulous Friday

Well. We made it through another week! I’m pretty excited for this weekend – basketball tournament! And it’s at home, so no traveling 😀


I actually had a good day today. I started it off with Overnight Oats! It was my first time ever trying them. I’m still acquiring a taste for oatmeal, but I’m definitely making them again!

photo 1 (6)

In the peanut butter jar:

1/2 cup whole grain old fashioned oats

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

sprinkle of flax seeds

It was a little plain, so I added some peanut butter because peanut butter makes everything better. Next time I want to try Pumpkin Overnight Oats! (with a few twists)


Had a shoot-around practice for the tourney tomorrow. More like a jump around! I had the great idea about when we used to jump rope at recess and wanted to try it again. So we got out the TWO ropes (double dutch!) and it was so fun! And I swear it was so much easier than in fourth grade – we all succeeded! Had to incorporate a little basketball into it too… 🙂 Let me tell you, it is a leg workout!

My friend is making a video – coming soon!


Dinner…. YUM.

I’ve been carbo loading for the past couple days so I’ll have a lot of energy for the tournament. Tonight was no exception!

I bring you… Banana Pancakes!


These babies were thick and yummy! I know they’re not the healthiest pancake, but that’s okay! And SUPER easy. We’re trying to use up all our packaged foods, so this was the start of it.

2 cups buttermilk pancake/waffle mix

1 1/4 cup water

1 large mashed banana

Mix all the ingredients and pour on a griddle! Also, make sure you don’t mix too well – the pancakes won’t be as thick!

I added chopped walnuts to the batter also. You could add blueberries, chocolate chips, almonds, … I should stop.


I even put syrup on (gasp!) These suckers were pretty dang delish. Definitely more in the near future! I froze the leftovers and am sure they’ll make a good breakfast too!


My mom isn’t the biggest pancake fan, so she made Bruschetta. I just can’t get into it which is the weirdest thing since I love bread and tomatoes. Anyway, here’s her recipe.

  • French baguette loaf
  • tomatoes
  • basil
  • garlic powder

Cut bread into slices

Brush with olive oil

Bake slices in oven at 350 for 6-8 minutes

Top with tomatoes mixed with basil & garlic powder


It’s the garlic powder or basil that I don’t like.


I had to have some dessert! There is currently TWO pies in our fridge. I settled on a small(ish) piece of the pumpkin and a sliver of the peanut butter. Topped with a little Greek yogurt.

photo (23)


In the pie:

  • 1 package cream cheese
  • 8 oz cool whip
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup confectioner’s sugar

Mix everything but the cool whip. Add the cool whip when others are mixed. Set in a pie crust and chill. Done!


I feel like I haven’t been eating super healthy lately. I don’t think I’m gaining weight though. I really think the key is moderation! And I love it!

What’s all our weekend plans?

Are you currently on a diet?

Do you eliminate certain foods?

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Thankful Thursday!

I have so much to be thankful for. I need to remember that when I’m letting some small thing get in the way of my life.

Here’s something for everyone to try: think of something bad that happened, and see if something good came out of it. My example: If I wouldn’t have started gaining weight, then I wouldn’t have gotten into living healthy. My life has changed so much, and for the better. I’m so much more happy and I can’t believe how I used to live!

Thankful Thursday

I’m so thankful I discovered blogging. There is a whole different world out there apart from my small life!

I’m so thankful for my body and what I can do. I put this body through so much and it never fails me. Running, basketball, yoga, and every single thing I do.

I’m so thankful that I have food to eat, and as much as I want. I think we forget just how lucky we are to be able to eat whenever we want!

I’m so thankful for my mom. Honestly, she’s my best friend. I spend most of my time with her and she’s the only person that understands me.

I’m so thankful for my gift of life. I believe you were put in this world for a reason, so take advantage and do something with it. Everyone was created for something.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I WON A 5K! go me… 🙂

Today was a beautiful day for a race. Sun shining, a little wind.

photo 1 (1)

aly and I pre race!

I know you’re all wondering what my time was!!! 23:08. Not bad for running in the snow! I took first in women. What did I win?!

photo 4 (2)


A membership to the gym… a coincidence because I just joined a different gym last week! And tanning… I don’t want to use it! My skin is more important to me than being pale.

photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1)

I had a really light week of exercise so I was unsure how I’d do. But after I felt like I could’ve kept going so that’s good!

The race provided hot chocolate and fruit – YUM! I made this salad when I got home to hold me over until Green Bay.

photo 5

half eaten
spinach, turkey, croutons, parmesan, ranch, hard boiled egg, Greek yogurt

About that…driving down to Green Bay to go shopping today then a basketball tournament tomorrow! Wish me luck 🙂

race winner crop

I wish!

Got any races coming up?

Any winter running tips?

Marvelous in My Monday

DID THAT JUST HAPPEN. oommmgggg. As I finished writing this whole post, IT ALL ERASED. Take a deep breath…….. laugh about it. It’s not the end of the world.


Thanks to Katie for hosting this Marvelous in My Monday!


It’s a coincidence that happened because this post was based on how blessed I am and to look at all the good things in life. Not the minor setbacks.

Well, this weekend definitely was better than last week. Yesterday for breakfast – all-you-can-eat buffet. Pancakes and SAUSAGE! (still not used to eating meat!) I ate a little too much. But I think my body really needed a break from health. It really cleaned my out (if you know what I mean ;)). A majority of the day was spent shopping with my mom. I got tons of new clothes and new cereal to try!! I’ll be posting some outfits soon 🙂 Again, I’m so lucky to be able to buy whatever we want/need.


We went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner (roast beef) Still don’t like that. I’m not a “beef” girl. When we finally got home, I was ready for my run. At the gym I did 7 miles. It’s like death during it, but the second I step off I feel like heaven. After my shower I had some cereal. (Kashi Autumn Wheat) The rest of the night was literally spent on Pinterest with my mom. She finally made an account!

lap couch potatoes

I had no school today – yay President’s Day! I still woke up fairly early around 8. I’m pretty sure most 14 year old’s weren’t up yet! I felt so great this morning. So refreshed. I did some yoga and Pinterested with my mom. Eventually we went to my aunt’s and visited with her. Then we went cross country skiing and it was beautiful. The trail was just perfect. We needed to use the chicken breast in the fridge so we made a chicken pot pie! Recipe coming soon 😀

chicken pot pie

This is my last busy week. Basketball, basketball, basketball. At least there’s no school on Friday!

Do/did you play any sports? 

Remember to always look at the good things and not dwell on the bad. Think: will it even matter in a week? That’s what usually helps me 🙂