Family is Key

This week’s MIMM is gonna be all about family- especially since it’s Grandma’s birthday!



I really am crazy blessed. Even though my parents are divorced, they still have a marvelous relationship which is awesome for me.

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My step mom. We don’t have the best relationship but I think we’re on track to. We’re going to start cooking together once a week! I think it will really help us bond and I’m really excited.

My (half) brother. Yes he is super annoying but I guess he is 6 years old.

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I’m super lucky that both my grandparents along with aunts and uncles and cousins live in this town. Some people hardly ever see their family but it’s a regular occurrence for me! It’s funny, we’ll often run into grandma at the farmer’s market or out to eat.

Talking more about her, Happy Birthday Grandma! 75 years old. She’s had quite a life!

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We went out for dinner and I got a chicken sandwich which was not very good. But I ate it, it was my only dinner!

The most important person in my life? It really is my mom. We’re more like sisters than mom and daughter. She’s just a really cool mom. She always is willing to help me and has really good advice. She’s my rock.  Without her, I don’t even want to think about it.

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What was marvelous about your day?

Are you close to your family?


Thankful Thursday!

I have so much to be thankful for. I need to remember that when I’m letting some small thing get in the way of my life.

Here’s something for everyone to try: think of something bad that happened, and see if something good came out of it. My example: If I wouldn’t have started gaining weight, then I wouldn’t have gotten into living healthy. My life has changed so much, and for the better. I’m so much more happy and I can’t believe how I used to live!

Thankful Thursday

I’m so thankful I discovered blogging. There is a whole different world out there apart from my small life!

I’m so thankful for my body and what I can do. I put this body through so much and it never fails me. Running, basketball, yoga, and every single thing I do.

I’m so thankful that I have food to eat, and as much as I want. I think we forget just how lucky we are to be able to eat whenever we want!

I’m so thankful for my mom. Honestly, she’s my best friend. I spend most of my time with her and she’s the only person that understands me.

I’m so thankful for my gift of life. I believe you were put in this world for a reason, so take advantage and do something with it. Everyone was created for something.