WIAW – A Day at the Market

It’s Wednesday, yet again, and that means it’s WIAW!


I had a piece of toast with half pb&banana half avocado.

Photo3 (31)

I had the exact same thing when I got home from cross country. One piece of toast isn’t enough for breakfast!


Since it was like 90 degrees out I wanted something cold and refreshing. Which means green smoothie. It was NOT as good as normal though, since I only had kale, no spinach 😦 I really don’t like kale in smoothies. It never mixes well.

Photo5 (10)

I knew I needed something more so I had, you guessed it, an avocado turkey sandwich. It will never get old.

turkey avocado sandwich

Then I headed to the Farmer’s Market to set up my stand! I sold my green beans and tomatoes. My cousin sold her wine racks and homemade purses, and my mom sold Tastefully Simple! It’s only $5 to set up a stand, so I figured why not? I made $12 😀

farmers market


I don’t even know what dinner was. A whole bunch of randoms thrown together. I wish I was creative with meals, but I’m not. I eat the same things everyday.

Photo2 (62)

Green beans, broccoli & hummus, tomatoes, guac, chips & salsa. I really wasn’t even hungry that much. The weather was all groggy and humid which makes me not hungry!


I had big plans. I actually felt like baking something! I had so many recipes. But that’s the problem. I get overwhelmed and can’t pick something! So, dessert ended up being ice cream. Moose Tracks and Vanilla. With horrrrible quality.

Photo4 (14)


So… not my best day of eats, but not my worst. But check out these amazing (and simple) treats!

Sunnie’s Healthified Reese’s

Kathryn’s Oatmeal Bites

Aurora’s Banana Custard

Have a happy Hump Day! 😀

WIAW – Dad’s for Dinner

Hey everyone! It’s a great day because it’s WIAW! i.e. my favorite day of the week. These are Monday’s eats!


I came home from cross country and I couldn’t even do 8 minute abs because I was so. hungry. I didn’t eat breakfast before practice which wasn’t one of my best ideas… I barely made it home. So I had toast, then did 8 minute abs, then had a green smoothie. It was a big deal that I changed my routine and ate before 8 minute abs! And since I was so rushed I didn’t take a picture… so here’s yesterday’s breakfast, the exact same thing, just eaten at once 😉

Photo3 (27)


I ate lunch around 3 (due to my lake breakfast). Then I found out we were going to my dad’s for dinner, and I started getting stressed. What if I don’t like what’s for dinner? What if I’m not hungry? I felt so bad. I hated the feeling I had.

Photo2 (57)

I now get cheese.. and mayo on my sub! 😀

Eventually it went away and I wanted dinner. We went over there to have chicken and pork chops on the grill. Nothing I really wanted, but I made a compromise. I’d take a chicken breast and make a salad!


I had a nice time at dinner and enjoyed my time there! I made this salad, and it was so good. Also we had some steamed garden fresh broccoli on the side 😀


It was that good, I made it again for dinner last night 😉

Photo3 (28)Photo2 (58)

It was fun hanging out at Dad’s, especially since I got to drive the dune buggy!


Today I’m off to go hiking at Pictured Rocks with the altar servers from church! See ya later! 😀

WIAW – Protein Pancakes

Does anyone else’s Bloglovin’ mess up? It never shows me new posts until long after they are posted, and sometimes it doesn’t show me posts at all! Anyway, it’s time for WIAW! Thanks for hosting, Jenn!

You guys should be extremely proud of me. I put effort in to all three meals! Say whaat? Yep! A much better day than last week when I ate the same meal twice in one day

Breakfast was a new recipe. Protein pancakes!


Just put 1/2 cup oats, 1 egg, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, a scoop of Greek yogurt, and 1 tbsp whole wheat flour in a blender. Pour on a low/medium setting griddle and top with whatever you like! Each side takes quite a while, so don’t worry about burning them.

Photo4 (9)

Then I went on a 5 mile run, and when I got home I was just starving! I threw together a favorite –

Photo5 (6)

This was my first time adding chia seeds to my toast and I loved it!

I felt ambitious at lunch, too, and it resulted in this –

Photo2 (48)

Whole wheat rotini with peas, spinach, tomato, pesto, feta, parmesan and an egg! Totally random but very good!

As i went to snack on grapes, I was disgusted to see:

Photo2 (49)

mold. In the garbage they went.

I was on a bike ride when my grandma called and asked to go golfing. I’ve only been out once this year so of course I was in! I had an apple (not pictured) to hold me over to dinner. I golfed a 68. (For those of you that don’t know, a par is 36. I’m not a very good golfer 😉 )

I’ll admit, I was thinking about dinner the whole time we were golfing. I may or may not have been crabby when I got home due to hangryness.

I didn’t have to wait too long for this plate of goodness:

Photo3 (23)

Grilled salmon, corn on the cob, salad, and avocado! The best part was definitely the corn. Avocado in second, salad because I needed some greens, and salmon… I didn’t like it very much. It has an odd taste. I still ate it though, because it’s so healthy. Why don’t I grill more often?!

I was greeted with many, many of theses babies during the day.



Cowpies. Please tell me you say cowpies and not no bakes?!

So, that was my (very successful) day of eats!

What is something that you eat every single day? 

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

WIAW – Double Offender

Oh my gosh. Has it seriously been two weeks since I last posted?! What am I doing with my life? (besides softball, cross country, house work, babysitting) While I do miss writing posts, it has been nice to take a small break. I have been reading everyone’s doings, though! I have to say, I am just SO happy for Miranda and Christian… they’re getting married!

Yesterday’s eats were not much worth sharing, but I still love linking up to the party, so let’s get started! Thanks Jenn!


Breakfast was a very common happening around here…

Photo2 (42)

And then I was still hungry so I had another one.


Mom and I ran a couple errands and I got some lunch-

Photo2 (41)

Chicken pesto pita. It’s always a treat to get to this restaurant because they close at 3 everyday which is the time I get done with school. They also have..


Scones! DELISH. This flavor was banana heath, last time was banana snickers. Yum!

Mom was gone for dinner which left me home to fend for myself. (which I do anyway!) That resulted in…

Photo3 (20)

Yep. Another pb&j&banana toast. Two times (technically three) in one day. Like the Barney plate? We need to do the dishes, haha!

And dessert-

texas sheet

Leftover Texas sheet cake a la grandma and vanilla ice cream. Boom. No guilt!

I’m off for my run now and then to relax the rest of the day! Things will wind down for a few weeks before high school cross country starts. So excited!

Happy Wednesday! 😀

WIAW – Are You Cereal?

Hellooo 80 degree weather! I’ve been waiting long enough! It’s time for another WIAW. Thank you Jenn, for hosting the par-tay!

I have no desire to make anything lately. Which is why this post is dedicated to cereal – one of my fav foods. I love it because there are just so many varieties! When Sunnie did a post on customized cereal, I knew I had to share my combos!

I always start with a layer of greek yogurt on the bottom, and top with almond milk. I take the picture, then mix it up! 😀



Quaker Maple Oatmeal Squares, multigrain Cheerios, strawberries, blueberries, bananas

Photo2 (40)


Quaker Maple Oatmeal Squares, bran flakes, blueberries, bananas

Photo3 (19)


Bran flakes and bananas, topped with greek yogurt

Photo4 (8)


Quaker Maple Oatmeal Squares, multigrain Cheerios, strawberries and bananas, topped with greek yogurt

Photo5 (5)


Multigrain Cheerios, Kashi GoLean Crunch, blueberries

I like to have at least one bowl of cereal a day. I was taught well! 😉

daddy leigha


Cereal: soggy or crunchy?

Hope everyone’s Wednesday has been fantastic! 😀

WIAW – Getting better

Posting 3 days in a row? I must have some free time, lol! It has been quite awhile since I took part in a WIAW… I’ve missed it!

This is Sunday’s eats. Well.. dinner at least! I didn’t take any other pictures 😉

First: Church! My church just got a new priest and so far I really like him. I think he’ll really help the church!

photo 1 (33)

shirt: Topshop

maxi skirt: Kohls

I am so happy I bought this maxi skirt. I was really unsure if I’d get the guts to wear it, but I love it! It was soo comfy.

maxi skirt


The rest of the day was pretty chill. (I had run a half marathon the day before!) Then Mom and I headed over to my aunt’s house for dinner – chicken on the grill. I don’t really eat plain chicken so I had a bowl of cereal right before and wasn’t planning on eating there. When we got there I saw corn… and the chicken actually looked kind of good. I had eaten less than an hour before and it’s totally not in my normal. It’s like I’m scared of eating meals too close together.. but I ate there too!

Photo2 (38)


I’m struggling right now with only eating when I’m hungry. I’m trying to eat 4 or 5 small meals rather than 3 big meals a day.  It’s really big to me that I put aside that I had just ate and ate another meal! I know it bothers my family when we go to family dinners and I don’t eat there because it didn’t work in my “schedule”. And then I went back for a second plate!

And then my aunt brought out these…

Photo1 (100)


I could have easily said no and not had any ice cream. But you know what, it sounded good, and I wasn’t going to deprive myself of it just because I hadn’t mentally scheduled it earlier! I’m getting a lot better with that. Months ago, I would have every meal planned 3 days ahead. I’m kind of liking not even knowing what my next meal will be. Don’t get me wrong, I would never starve myself or do any harm to my body. Sometimes I just feel like if I’m not careful of what I eat then I’ll end up back in my old body. I have to think of all the other changes I’ve made though, like exercising and just being more active.

Then we had a girls’ night with pedicures 😀

photo 3 (31)

Whew! I wasn’t planning on getting that wordy but it felt good to get out. I really think that I’m coming to a peace with my body. I love eating and am not going to worry about it. I think it’s okay that I have a huge appetite – doesn’t running burn tons of calories? 😉


And a picture of Cleo just for good measure 😀

Hope everyone’s doing great! 

WIAW – Simple and Yummy

First of all, a very big Happy Birthday to Sunnie at Modern Girl Nutrition! Hope you’re having a wonderful day, girlie. The big 16! Another wonderful thing- yesterday was the last day of school! No more middle school!! 8th grade recognition recap coming soon 😉

My relationship with food is getting tremendously better. I’m not stressing about when I’m eating or what I’m eating. I’m deciding if I’m hungry or not and then eating if I am. And I feel much happier! Also this summer I’m going to try to space my eating out every couple hours instead of eating 3 big meals a day. It was just so hard to do being on a school schedule.

I haven’t been taking as many pictures of my food either. I’ve even been forgetting! It is so much less stressful. I love it.

Breakfast yesterday- I didn’t even take a picture (and I don’t even remember what I had!) so I’ll show you today’s!

Photo3 (15)

Waffles with Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and bananas. I love waffles.

Lunch yesterday. Ohhh myy goodness.

Photo2 (30)

A turkey, swiss, pesto, spinach, and tomato panini. This hit.the.spot. Plus some leftover strawberry salad on the side. Definitely the best lunch I’ve had in awhile!

Dinner last night was nothing special, at all. I was going on a bike ride with some friends so I wanted something quick and easy.

Photo1 (90)

Oatmeal with almond milk and brown sugar added post pic. I’m wondering, have I ever told you how I make my oatmeal? I fill the pot with a little less than a cup of water, once it boils I turn it down to low and add 1/2 cup oats, a mashed banana, and an egg. Cover it, mix a few times (or don’t) and let it cook for 20 minutes, lid optional. Done!

That’s the only way I like oatmeal- so far. It kind of bakes, and you get banana in every bite! Anyone have any oatmeal tips for me?! I’d love to hear them!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the party, and I’m off to an end of the year bonfire! 😀

WIAW: Lots of PR’s

Hello Wednesday! I can’t believe you’re here already.

It was the last track meet of the season yesterday. It was my last chance to get a school record!

The two mile was first. My first lap was a 1:24 and then they started getting slower.. oops 😉 Anyway, I missed the school record. By a second. My time was 12:22. Ugh!! I guess that’s just more motivation for high school. At least I PR’ed!

Soon after that was the 800. I was planning on taking it easy since I pushed it pretty hard in the two mile. That didn’t happen though, I had a super tight race with another girl. I ended up winning with a time of 2:42. 4 seconds away from that record. UGH. At least I got another PR!

And my last event – shot put. That event was totally unexpected this year. I ended up doing pretty well, 26’11”. Good enough for second place, and also another PR!

So while I didn’t break any school records, I did break my own. I guess that’s still pretty good 🙂 I swear this track season went by so fast!

After the meet I was suuper hungry so we went out for dinner. I got French toast – I deserved it! It’s just so yummy. Thick Texas toast, powdered sugar, melted butter, syrup, it’s okay to have once in awhile 😉

Photo2 (27)

You don’t go to that restaurant without one of their cookies. So. Good. Oatmeal, chocolate chips, almonds, ohh my gosh. It’s love. And huge.

Photo1 (75)

Two nights ago we went to my dad’s for dinner. Kind of like Cooking with Lynn except she did all the cooking! I can’t explain how yummy it was. It just had so.much.flavor. I definitely had thirds, haha 😉 they were small portions!

Photo3 (13)

Somewhat healthy alfredo with whole wheat penne, broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini. Oh man it was good. I don’t know the recipe but I know she used Greek yogurt. Perfect prerace dinner.

Time is just flying by. 8 more days of school! 😀

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the party, as always! Have a super day 😉


WIAW: Yummy Day and Cooking with Lynn!

Yesterday was filled with some deeelicious eats. It was a good day.


Photo1 (66)

Green smoothie. Mom and I actually ate in the dining room which was a nice morning change!


Photo1 (67)


Ohhh my gosh. Turkey, swiss, avocado, spinach, and tomato on some grilled bread. Holy cow this was delicious. It was on repeat for lunch today, but not grilled. So simple, but so amazing.


As you can tell from the title, I did some cooking with Lynn!

We planned to make PF Changs Lettuce Wraps and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (no butter or sugar).

But first, she had some avocados that were asking to be used. I immediately thought of amazing Lindsay’s Peanut Butter Avocado Cookies, but instead we made some guacamole. Oh my goodness. I don’t know why I used to hate it. I was craazy. I don’t know what your guac recipe is, but this one is the best.

photo (38)

Avocados, salsa (not the jar kind), lime juice, garlic powder, cumin, and salt. I can not even explain how yummy this is. You just have to make it.

Then we started on the lettuce wraps. I’ve never been to PF Changs so I wasn’t sure what they were. When I saw what was in them, I was unsure if I’d like them. I had never had water chestnuts or bamboo sticks. Oyster sauce? What? But to my surprise, they were delicious. So much flavor.

Photo2 (25)

And what is a cooking night without dessert? We followed this recipe. The first batch turned out really flat so on the second one we took the parchment paper off. Which helped immensely and they were heavenly. I had never used “dark” brown sugar but I really like it. They were even better today. Chewy, chocolatey goodness.

Photo1 (68)


Let’s just say it was a very yummy day.

When did you try your first avocado?

Have a fabulous Wednesday, and thanks to Jenn for hosting the party!

WIAW- Random

Hellooo Wednesday! You come so quick.

Breakfast yesterday was a typical one.

Photo1 (58)

english muffin w pb, jam, bananas added post pic

Since I have a green smoothie pretty much daily, I experiment a lot. I definitely like spinach more than kale. Peanut butter is a must.

I didn’t take a picture of lunch but it was pizza, salad, green beans, breadstick, and milk. I personally love school lunches. I have pizza every Tuesday and enjoy every bite.

Dinner. I’ve been wanting to try California Quesadillas for quite a long time and last night was the night. And honestly, they were not my fav. It was kind of depressing.

Photo1 (59)

We didn’t add artichoke hearts but added romaine. Also used spinach tortillas.

Photo2 (22)

I also do not know how to not burn things so that was sad. I had a little anger because I just got overwhelmed with eating, taking a picture, trying to not let the thing fall apart. I didn’t enjoy it very much. The dressing wasn’t great either. 😦


I have neglected to share some other eats.

Photo3 (11)

I was dying of starvation on Monday for some reason after school. Normal breakfast and lunch, weird. In the teachers’ lounge they had leftover pizza and I was so hungry I would’ve ate horse. This was chicken/alfredo/fajita. It was heavenly. Chicken, cheese, onions, tomatoes, spice. Probably something I would’ve never tried but I was so hungry and it was delicious.

Photo4 (5)

Okay, I finally tried a Chobani. Chia seeds, granola, and strawberries made it in. It was yummy, but I’m not going to start eating them everyday. They do put a dent in the wallet!  I do want to try the pineapple flavor though.

Photo5 (3)

Dinner on Sunday- crockpot chicken and sweet potatoes with peas. Something must be wrong with me because I didn’t like the chicken. I guess it needs to be in something- I can’t eat it plain. Mom liked it though so it’s not bad, just me.

Recipe: Crockpot chicken and sweet potatoes


2 chicken breasts

2 sweet potatoes

1/6 cup brown sugar

2 tsp cinnamon

vegetable broth


Put sweet potatoes then chicken in crock pot

Mix brown sugar, cinnamon, and broth until liquidy

Pour into crockpot

Cook on low for 7 hrs



I wasn’t really into this post, you could probably tell. I just don’t really have the time right now to be super creative and edit and everything. Once May is over, I promise I’ll be more exciting 🙂

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the party!