Shopping and Baseball and Car Rides, Oh My!

Hey everyone! It was nice to have one last hurrah before school starts – a trip to Detroit! This post will be a recap of the trip, and Wednesday’s post will be the eats 😀


Mom and I headed out right after my cross country meet where I got 4th place! My time was 21:08. It was so. hot. Which figures since we ran at 12:30!

Photo4 (16)

Mackinac Bridge

After what seemed like forever, we finally made it to our hotel. We were so tired, we just went straight to bed!

The next morning we woke up ready to shop.

Photo3 (34)

We went to Great Lakes Crossing, Michigan’s largest outlet mall! I’m telling you, it has the largest Forever 21 you will ever go to. It’s the size of a department store. Oddly, I couldn’t find a single thing there. Crazy. Normally I’m head over heels in that store! I really didn’t get too many clothes. I don’t need any! I did get…

Photo2 (65)

an anchor shirt! I’ve been looking so long for one and I finally found one! It’s from Windsor Store. I’m thinking first day of school outfit! Some more purchases:


Victoria’s Secret actually had good deals. Running shorts for $8, tshirt and capris each $10, sports bra for $5!

white jeans

White jeans at American Eagle for $12!


I didn’t even run that day. Walking around the mall was workout enough!

After shopping we headed to the heart of Detroit – Comerica Park!

Photo4 (17)

Go Tigers!

Photo3 (35)

Photo2 (66)


The Tigers were ahead 5-2 when we decided to leave in the bottom of the seventh. Good thing we left, because literally the minute we were on the road it started POURING! Pouring like couldn’t see the car in front of you and going 45 on the freeway. Luckily we made it to our hotel safe in about a half hour!

On the way home we stopped at the Mystery Spot to say hi to my cousins – they own it! We also stopped to find a Geocache.

I finished two books during this road trip – “The Michigan Murders” and “Almost Anorexic”. They were both amazing books. Highly recommended reads.

Now I’ll just be enjoying my last day of summer – I start high school on Tuesday! Wish me luck 😀

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Yesterday I took a trip with a group from church to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It was so nice to get away for the day and hang out with nature!

I had some toast then squeezed in a quick 3 mile run before we left knowing I wouldn’t want to run when I got home. When I got to church they had doughnuts… and chocolate milk… and I couldn’t resist 😉

Photo4 (12)

After some brief problems finding the trail, we were finally on our way! The hike lasted a little over an hour and covered just over 3 miles.

Photo4 (11)


Photo3 (29)


Photo5 (8)




I was starving when we finally made it to the beach and eagerly devoured my lunch – PB&J, broccoli & carrots, and an apple.

Photo2 (60)


Photo3 (30)

I wasn’t planning on going swimming but people looked like they were having fun so I caved 😀 Lake Superior was pretty cold, but really refreshing!

lake superior

Frisbee was played and rocks were picked

Photo2 (61)



We hiked back and within 10 minutes of leaving we were caught in a torrential downpour. God blessed us with a beautiful day hiking though, so I’m not complaining! We stopped at Hardee’s on the way home. I didn’t want anything because a) I don’t like fast food and b) I had this waiting for me at home!

Photo5 (9)

I watched the Tigers, pinned, and was more than ready for bed at 9:00. I’m a grandma 😉


Hey everyone, long time no see! I’ve been tagged by Miranda to do this little survey floating around, and I thought now would be the perfect time! But first I’m gonna talk a little about what I’ve been up to. I’ve been at “the cabins” with my dad’s family for the past couple of days. I’m supposed to stay for the week, but I had to come home early since cross country officially started!

I had a lot of fun there. I didn’t have any plans so I just took each day as it came. Every morning I ran the 5 (hilly) miles around the lake. Breakfasts were usually toast and cereal, lunches were sandwiches, and dinner was whatever was made. I actually ate all of the dinners, not worrying about time or what they were! I hardly took any pictures, which is why this post is looking a little wordy 😉 Anyway, I had a really nice time catching up with my family and just relaxing. I mean, look at this view we had everyday!


So now the survey! Let’s go 😀

Current book:

The Michigan Murders. I’m about halfway through, and it is really good. Crime lover right here!

michigan murder

Current music:

Whatever is on the radio. I like everything but country!

Current guilty pleasure:

Mom made scones and let’s just say I’ve eaten my fair share 😉


Current nail color:


Current drink:

Water. All day every day. With an occasional glass of milk thrown in.

Current food:

The past two days have been toast. One with peanut butter and banana, one with avocado.

Photo2 (52)

Current TV show:

MLB Baseball. Go Tigers!

Current wish list:

An iPod shuffle! I want to get one so I can listen to music while I run without having to wear an arm band. Anyone want to get rid of one?! 😉

Current needs:

There’s nothing that I really need right now. Oh wait – a haircut would be nice! It’s split end central over here!

Currents indulgence:

Elephant ears and funnel cakes and caramel apples and french fries. Okay, fair food! It’s fair week!

Photo2 (53)

Current blessing:

Just enjoying the rest of my summer and being happy! 😀


Current excitement:

My first cross country meet next Friday!

Now I want to hear these answers from Brittany, Liz, Sunnie, Molly, Allie, and Katherine! If you want to do it please feel free!

Have a great weekend everyone 😀

Loving Life

Yesterday started right – cross country running group! “Official” practice starts on August 12th, so these are just open runs. We did mile repeats and my splits were: 7:24, unknown, 7:07, 6:49. Then I jogged home for a total of 5. Pretty good, I’d say!

I came home to a delish green smoothie, then talked to my mom about plans for the day. There was nothing on the agenda! We weren’t really sure what to do, and finally we decided to take a ride out to the lighthouse! Photo2 (43)

We had a picnic of Subway (footlong turkey & avocado!) while enjoying the lighthouse view.


Then after about a mile hike on the trail and seeing lots of wildlife,


we went and found a Geocache!

Photo2 (44)

We took lots of pictures in and on top of the lighthouse.



Photo2 (45)

Photo3 (21)

Then when I got home, my dad called and asked me to go to see Grown Ups 2! Honestly, it wasn’t that great of a movie at all. Really predictable and not the best acting. The first one was better. But, I got to spend some time with him, Lynn, and my brother so it’s all good!

grown up 2

At the movies I wasn’t planning on getting anything since I had already eaten dinner. But a pretzel sounded really good… so I got one! Then I got ice cream after! (Not that I don’t ever eat ice cream… I just hadn’t “planned” it earlier)

Sometimes I like to wonder at the beginning of the day what the day will bring. Then I think of how I’ve changed, even if it’s just making a small step!

What sports did you play in high school?

Seen any good movies lately? 


Washington DC Recap

Hello everyone! It’s been ages!  How is everyone’s summer going??

I just got home from my class trip to Washington DC. I can’t even describe how breathtaking everything was. I took lots of pictures, so I’ll let them do the talking!

Day 1

Bus ride to Milwaukee..


Plane ride…

Photo1 (93)

Arrive! First thing we headed to Ford’s Theatre, where Lincoln got shot.

photo 1 (31)

Then to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (dinosaurs, sea life, space)

photo 3 (29)

We went to dinner after this, but I’m going to do a separate post about meals and struggles…

Then to the Lincoln Monument, one of my favorites. It was crazy how big the statue of Lincoln was.

Photo1 (94)

photo 4 (26)

We didn’t get to go to the Washington Monument because it was under construction, but this makes it look like we did 😉

photo 5 (13)


Day 2

I actually woke up every single morning and ran 1-2 miles at the gym. I don’t think I would’ve survived without just that little bit.. it helped a lot!

After breakfast we headed to Mount Vernon (George Washington’s plantation).



That took up quite a chunk of the day. After it was the National Cathedral, another one of my favorite parts. That building is just ginormous. Pretty spectacular.


And then to the National Zoo to see a panda. It was so cute!


After dinner we went to a show called Twilight Tattoo. I didn’t really take any pictures, but it is the military band. They have a concert band and also pop singers! The Fife and Drum Corps was really cool too. I think the Twilight Tattoo was my favorite part of the trip. It was also the military’s 238th birthday so the show was really special!

Day 3

Capitol building!


rainy day… can you tell?

We got a tour of the building. The ceiling… the picture does it no justice. It was so intricate.


dc capitol

the whole group

After the Capitol was Arlington National Cemetery. That place was pretty emotional. I was just in awe of all the soldiers who have defended our country- over 400,000. I’m actually thinking about going into some form of serving our country. I really might want to.


We also saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Changing of the Guard, but I didn’t take any pictures of those.

Below: Iwo Jima Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, World War II Memorial, FDR Memorial.

picstitch (15)

Day 4 (last day!)

Picture stop at the White House

dc white house


I carried that water bottle around every day

Someday I will go in the White House, I promise.

Then to the Holocaust Museum, my other favorite part of the trip. World War II really interests me and I want to learn more about it.  I didn’t take any pictures but it was really heartbreaking. It just makes me sick to think about the terrible time suffered by all those innocent Jews. It was hard going through there.

Our last stop was the National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of American History. I got lazy and didn’t take any pictures 😉 honestly they weren’t my favorite, haha.

We rode the Metro (super cool) back to the airport and left for home! (Well, Green Bay… then a 2 hour bus ride home) And ever since I got home I’ve been neglecting writing a post… I enjoyed my break! There has been some stuff going on that I’ve been itching to tell you though. Also, while I was on my trip, I found out that Sunnie was having a wonderful time in Hawaii- so jealous! Check out her recaps! And Brittany was livin’ it up in the Mediterranean- not fair! It makes my need to visit these places even bigger.

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go to our nation’s capitol. I think everyone should go to DC some time in their life. We are blessed!

Have you ever been to Washington DC? What was your favorite part?

Hope everyone’s summer is going great- I know mine is! Have a super Friday! 😀