Tidbit Tuesday – All About Me!

Okay I’m finally doing the survey you’ve probably seen 37 times. I love learning random facts about people, so maybe you’ll like learning more about me!

a: age – 14. I’m a baby!

b: bed size – full. Just big enough for me! At my dad’s I think I have a queen though.

c: chore you dislike – picking up my clothes. I can never decide if something’s dirty or not and it ends up on the floor!

d: dogs – I got bit by a dog when I was 18 months and had to go to the ER. So for about 10 years I didn’t have anything to do with them. Now I’m more accepting of them and really like them! I don’t think I could have one as a pet though. I’m not home enough! I like the big, loving dogs. Small yippy dogs aren’t my fav.

e: essential to your day – exercise. I just feel like it was a totally wasted day if I don’t get any.

f: favorite color – purple. It’s a good school color to have! I also like teal/mint/sea green. So pretty.

g: gold or silver – It really doesn’t matter. I don’t wear much jewelry anyway.

h: height – about 5’5″. I’m pretty tall in my school. I hope I grow a lot more though! Basketball!

i: interesting fact – I used to have Selective Mutism. It’s a form of anxiety where you can’t speak in a certain situation. It was ruining my life and putting a huge amount of stress on my parents. I guess I grew out of it because now I can talk to anyone. But it was really hard. There’s still a few people I can’t bring myself to talk to. I’m working on it.

j: job title – Student. I want to get a job though for some extra $! No one is currently hiring 14 year olds though.

k: kids – I really don’t like kids. Or babies. No plans right now, but I’m sure they’ll be in the future.

l: live – Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! It really is a hidden gem. We have a lot to offer. I recommend taking a trip up here some time in your life! It’s beautiful.

m: mom’s name – Jeannie.

n: nicknames – Growing up everyone called me Pie. My grandpa started it and it just stuck! Then school came around and it kind of disappeared. Sometimes my mom calls me it still. Grandpa still does!

o: overnight hospital stays – nope. Well a few years ago my mom threw out her back and we went at about 3 in the morning. But never in my own bed.

p: pet peeves – people. hahaha so many things bother me. Wasting, being fake, being inconsiderate. The littlest things can dampen my mood. I’m working on it.

q: quote from a movie – “She doesn’t even go here!” or anything from Mean Girls. Best quotable movie ever.
harry potter mean girls
mean girls gif2
I could just find these all night.. I should stop.r: righty or lefty – righty. I did have to become lefthanded for a few weeks when I broke my wrist!

s: sibling – little brother. 6 years old. I think he’s really annoying but it’s probably just how 6 year olds are.

photo (29)
t: time you wake up – 6:40 on school days and 8-8:30 on weekends. I used to sleep til noon! I’ve changed so much. I can’t believe how I used to live!u: underwear – I do wear underwear.

v: vegetables you don’t like – I can’t think of a vegetable I don’t like. Are beets a veggie? I don’t like beets.w: what makes you run late – having to pee. I always go to the bathroom the last thing before I leave the house! I pee so much it’s crazy.

x: xrays you’ve had – wrist and teeth

y: yummy food you make – I don’t have any special recipes. I do make some pretty good noodles though! I’m really not the best baker. Following directions is just so hard. Oh I’ll substitute some uncooked chickpeas for soaked chickpeas. Not the smartest.

z: zoo animal favorite- probably tiger. or any big cat. Monkeys are really cool too! Mini people. I’m not much of a zoo person.
Well I hope you enjoyed reading my boring facts! I really am an interesting person, it’s just when I go to write about it I draw total blanks and seem like a vegetable. It’s hard to get to know me!