WIAW – Getting better

Posting 3 days in a row? I must have some free time, lol! It has been quite awhile since I took part in a WIAW… I’ve missed it!

This is Sunday’s eats. Well.. dinner at least! I didn’t take any other pictures 😉

First: Church! My church just got a new priest and so far I really like him. I think he’ll really help the church!

photo 1 (33)

shirt: Topshop

maxi skirt: Kohls

I am so happy I bought this maxi skirt. I was really unsure if I’d get the guts to wear it, but I love it! It was soo comfy.

maxi skirt


The rest of the day was pretty chill. (I had run a half marathon the day before!) Then Mom and I headed over to my aunt’s house for dinner – chicken on the grill. I don’t really eat plain chicken so I had a bowl of cereal right before and wasn’t planning on eating there. When we got there I saw corn… and the chicken actually looked kind of good. I had eaten less than an hour before and it’s totally not in my normal. It’s like I’m scared of eating meals too close together.. but I ate there too!

Photo2 (38)


I’m struggling right now with only eating when I’m hungry. I’m trying to eat 4 or 5 small meals rather than 3 big meals a day.  It’s really big to me that I put aside that I had just ate and ate another meal! I know it bothers my family when we go to family dinners and I don’t eat there because it didn’t work in my “schedule”. And then I went back for a second plate!

And then my aunt brought out these…

Photo1 (100)


I could have easily said no and not had any ice cream. But you know what, it sounded good, and I wasn’t going to deprive myself of it just because I hadn’t mentally scheduled it earlier! I’m getting a lot better with that. Months ago, I would have every meal planned 3 days ahead. I’m kind of liking not even knowing what my next meal will be. Don’t get me wrong, I would never starve myself or do any harm to my body. Sometimes I just feel like if I’m not careful of what I eat then I’ll end up back in my old body. I have to think of all the other changes I’ve made though, like exercising and just being more active.

Then we had a girls’ night with pedicures 😀

photo 3 (31)

Whew! I wasn’t planning on getting that wordy but it felt good to get out. I really think that I’m coming to a peace with my body. I love eating and am not going to worry about it. I think it’s okay that I have a huge appetite – doesn’t running burn tons of calories? 😉


And a picture of Cleo just for good measure 😀

Hope everyone’s doing great! 


OOTD – Colored Jeans

I will always have something against these jeans because I slipped walking to school and got blood on them. And they didn’t fit me right anyway.




shirt: About a girl

jeans: Mudd

tank: Aeropostale

boots: Roxy

Photo1 (9)


The shirt is poncho type. So many vibrant colors and cool patterns!

Photo2 (1)


I have blisters from the boots. Need to wear socks with them!

WIAW post later 🙂

OOTD and Getting Judged (PI DAY!)

Pi Day is possibly the best day of the year. Why? Because my mom has all her students bring in pies, cookies, and anything else to eat!!! Of course I get some too! I ate so much apple pie.

pi day

It’s that time of year again – band adjudication. It’s where the school band plays a few songs and we get a rating. We got a 1 out of 4 (the best!) then we had a concert too.

photo 3 (12)

taylor and me

I hate concerts. It’s SO hot and we go wayy too fast.

4 mile hill run today. It wasn’t a very good run. Really boring. I ate the rest of the banana pancakes for dinner. So good!


Outfit of the Day!

photo 2 (13)photo 1 (11)

shirt: clearance at Shopko!

black fleece leggings


sock bun

SO comfy! It’s almost time to bring out the spring clothes!


You guys, I am so busy.

I have so many things I need to blog about but I literally have no time!



March… crazy! And what a good green idea!

Today I started the morning off with a green smoothie and waffles with Greek yogurt, peanut butter, syrup, and strawberries. That right there is a pretty delicious breakfast.

The green smoothie is the same recipe except I added some cottage cheese.

photo 5 (3)

For lunch I had a turkey sandwich and an apple and banana with peanut butter.

photo 3 (7)

You could say I’m obsessed with peanut butter right now. It’s just so good……

photo 4 (7)

I also had a little of this cheesecake today. I didn’t even finish it. It didn’t taste that good!

photo 2 (7)

Dinner was pretty awesome tonight. Whole grain spaghetti with ground turkey sauce.

photo (22)


Outfit of the Day!

photo 2 (6)photo 4 (6) photo 3 (5)

lace chiffon shirt: Kohl’s

black leggings: VS Pink

black studded boots: Kohl’s

hair in a topknot.

super comfy!


I’ve eaten quite a bit of cereal in the past week. Not much cooking has been done. I do have some recipes coming soon though!

Thinking about trying some overnight oats… any suggestions?

Also.. Need a meatless pasta recipe for Friday’s dinner! Got any?

Happy Hump Day! 🙂