MIMM – A Bit of Everything

I can’t believe I go back to school in two weeks. Where did the summer go?! I have quite a few marvelous happenings that I want to share, so let’s get started!

Marvelous… All of last week was spent at the fair. My cross country team had to clean up after all the concerts so we got in free everyday! I will admit, after a few days I was pretty sick of the fair food. I didn’t think it was possible to get sick of elephant ears!

Photo2 (54)

Marvelous… My garden is doing amazing. I have so much produce I don’t know what to do with! I think I’ll do a more detailed post of the garden… coming soon! This is yesterdays haul, and I still have to go back today!

Photo3 (26)

Marvelous…2 new magazines to read 😀

photo (44)

Marvelous… the little cafe we went to last week! Oh my goodness it was so cute. And their menu was fantastic! It was hard, but I finally decided on the chicken pesto panini. 

photo (43)

Marvelous… finding my FAVORITE ice cream flavor at the stand. Peanut Butter Mackinac Island Fudge. It’s a rarity to find, so if you do you MUST get it. So. Yummy.

pb mac fudge

Marvelous…eating another hamburger!

Photo2 (55)

Marvelous…being in a fashion show! I was asked last minute to model some dresses for a local boutique and of course I said yes! It was my first time ever modeling, and it was so much fun!


Photo2 (56)

Not so marvelous… bird in the house! Yesterday Cleo brought the poor little guy in.



So that was a bit all over the place but that’s okay! I have so many post ideas but I need to get writing first, lol 😀 Hope everyone’s Monday was as good as a Monday can be!

MIMM – Summer Livin’

Hi friends! I wasn’t planning on writing anything today but I realized that I could throw together some marvelous life happenings. 😀

Marvelous is… going to the zoo! The other day I went with my cousins, and while it was hot, we had a blast!

photo 1 (34)

Marvelous is… my new ring my dad bought me! Isn’t it pretty? We went to a family reunion over the weekend and we spent some good quality time together.

photo 2 (37)

Marvelous is… my mom got a free iPad! SO jealous. It’s for work, buut I’m thinking a few apps won’t hurt. 😉

photo 1 (36)

Marvelous is… 2 new swimsuits! I was so in need of a new suit (or two!)

photo 2 (38)

Marvelous is… my cousins from Idaho here for the month!


Marvelous is… Pinterest. It’s an addiction. The amount of time I spend on there doesn’t need to be discussed…

time spent

Marvelous is… running again! I took last week off from the road – I figured I could use it after the half, and my knee was bothering me. I think I definitely made the right decision – everyone could use a break once in awhile! But man, did it feel good to run today. 😀 Oh yeah – new shoes!! Mizuno Wave Rider 16.

Photo2 (39)

Marvelous is… life. I just finished the book “First They Killed My Father” and it really makes you realize how good we have it. Our problems are nothing compared to what those children went through. I’d really recommend reading this.

Smile! You got through Monday!

Have a great week 😀


Happy Birthday Evan!

What a marvelous weekend!


On Friday I went to my baby brother’s kindergarten graduation! It made me remember when I did the exact same thing 😉

photo 1 (2)

Then I went to my basketball team party which had some amazing food.

photo 2 (33)

caesar salad, mac&cheese, Texas caviar, coleslaw, snickers salad

photo 3 (27)


On Saturday I woke up early to meet my very first running group! I was so happy to discover that there’s a running group in my area. They were doing 8 miles but I only did 4 because of what was the next day 😉 They were all so nice, and I will definitely go every Saturday possible.

I quickly packed then left to meet my dad and stepmom to leave for Green Bay! We were going because my little brother turned 7 on Sunday. On the way down we stopped at Cousins Subs (my first time there) and I was very pleased.

photo (41)

We got there and headed to the National Railroad Museum. It was really neat, I learned a lot! Someday I want to go on a train ride. That would be so fun!

picstitch (14)

Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese. It was kind of weird. I used to have such a fun time there.. but I was kind of bored.

Photo1 (86)


And then to dinner. I was starving! We went to Applebee’s. I ordered Chicken Broccoli Alfredo minus chicken extra broccoli.

Photo1 (87)


It was delicious. And hot, I had to wait at least 5 minutes to eat it. Really hot.

Back to the hotel and some relaxing before bed! I was drained. I slept really well and was wide awake the next morning when I woke up for the 10k!

This was my first 10k ever (automatic PR 😉 ) so I was super excited! I had my toast with pb and banana then dad and I left for the race. It was freezing (48 degrees) and I didn’t bring anything but shorts so I would have to survive.

Photo1 (88)

me and another kid racing at the end (I won)

I ended up with a 45:25. I was very pleased with that time! I won my age group and was 12th overall.

photo 3 (28)

This race was organized so well. I’d definitely do it again. Actually, I’d’ like to do the triathlon that was going on at the same time. I couldn’t this year because I haven’t trained for one and wasn’t prepared at all. That was the major event. The 5k/10k was a side thing.

picstitch (13)

After the race they had a beautiful array of food. I have never been to a race that had pancakes and waffles. Now that is awesome. You bet I had about 3 plates. And they had massages- score!!

photo 1 (30)


And then we all headed to the zoo. The NEW Zoo, to be exact. I feel like all zoo’s are the same, haha. It was neat, but I was pretty slow getting around. I liked sitting down.

picstitch (12)


And then we headed home. I napped the whole two hours. I literally dreamed about ice cream so when we got home I had to get some.

Photo1 (89)

hot fudge, banana, nuts

I think ice cream is becoming its own food group. I’m okay with that.. 😉


On a sad note, my next year cross country coach got in a car accident this weekend and broke his sternum. He’s going to be okay, but I can’t imagine how this will affect his running. Please pray for him. ❤


So, my weekend in a nutshell! Of course a little bit more happened than this, but you don’t need to know every bit and piece. You’d get pretty bored 😉

What is the coolest museum you’ve ever been to?

What is your favorite sub shop? Favorite zoo animal?

Mountain lion or zebra.

Hope you’re having a fabulous Monday! I’m off to 8th Grade Recognition 😀

Busy girl

First of all, a huge marvelous thank you to our veterans. America wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

I had a pretty packed weekend. Allll day Saturday was spent at a softball tournament. First game at 8:30, last game at 6. It was a long day. We ended up taking second place. We really sucked in the morning but as the day went on we pulled it together! Being together the whole day really helped us bond as a team. That really helps!

I did eat some yummy food that day and I didn’t even stress about it. Woohoo!

picstitch (10)

1. Breakfast- waffle with pb, Greek yogurt, and banana

2. Monkey tail! Frozen chocolate covered banana

3. Lunch- chicken pesto pita

4. Lunch dessert- banana snickers scone!

5. Dinner- massive turkey sub

6. Dessert- ice cream sundae! Strawberries and butterscotch. 😉

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. Went to a grad party with marvelous food. I even dressed up a lil’ 😉

Photo2 (28)

two pasta salads, guac, fruit


Photo1 (80)

forever 21 ❤

I also introduced some of my friends to Geocaching! They thought it was the coolest thing ever. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do! It’s so fun!

Today… something kind of big happened. More about it soon 😀

What was the best thing about your weekend? Have you went to any grad parties?

It doesn’t feel like Monday. Long weekends mess me up! 😉 6 more days of school!!

Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon!

🙂 🙂 🙂

I can’t believe I did it. I ran my first half marathon! 

photo 5 (12)

We headed to the expo first thing on Saturday. Packet pickup was a breeze and really well organized.. And I had to buy some things.

Photo1 (71)

I got new shoes! Mizuno Wave Elixir 8. I really needed some running shoes and I wanted to try a different brand besides Nike and Asics. I guess we’ll see if I like them this week! If not, good thing you’re supposed to replace shoes after so many miles 😉 I also bought a short sleeve (top) Brooks shirt and long sleeve (bottom). The material is so nice.


I did the 5k for this race back in 2009. So much has changed since then… I look like a little peanut! Wow.

photo 3 (26)

They have a pasta dinner the night before. Penne, marinara, breadsticks, Greek salad (I promise it’s under there!) and cookies. All my favorite foods. I definitely had seconds.

We just chilled in our hotel room for the rest of the night. We stayed at the Aloft. Probably the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed in!

picstitch (5)

The night before the race was weird. I could not fall asleep and it seemed to last forever. I was happy when my alarm went off to get up and get ready!

I had a piece of toast with pb and banana before the race. Normally I only have a banana and pb before a long run so I know I wasn’t supposed to eat the toast. But I did and it’s done so whatever!

photo 1 (29)

Also doing the race was my cousin Laura (middle) and her friend Amanda. They ran it together.

I waited in line for the port-a-potty and then went to line up! I wanted to run with the 1:50 group but I missed the time slot to meet them so I didn’t.

picstitch (7)

26 seconds of silence were held in remembrance of Boston. It was really powerful. In our packets all the runners got a wristband in support.

Photo2 (26)

The gun started and we were off! I could see the 1:50 group so I tried to follow them. Mile 1 came and I remember thinking it was easy. 2 also came pretty quick. After a few miles, I felt like my pace was faster than the 1:50’s so I passed them. My pace was feeling good, I was confident!

Photo1 (72)

Miles 6-10 weren’t very fun. I was just so.bored. My track coach told me today that means I wasn’t running fast enough. That makes a lot of sense and is good to know for the future!

At mile 10 I knew it was just a 5k left so I started picking it up. At 11 I saw Laura’s friends and they gave me a super huge cheer. It helped so much! Cheering really helps runners. I really think it gave me the will to finish!

The runners actually get to run through Lambeau Field. Such an experience. They had music blasting and spectators in the bleachers. Once I was out I knew the finish was close. I came around the last corner and saw the big blue box and started booking it. I came in so fast at the end, literally sprinting! I guess that also shows I could’ve went faster during the race 😉

Photo1 (73)

All this for a grand total chip time of 1:49:38! I broke 2 hours, my goal! And even more awesomeness…

photo 2 (32)

I won my age group! The medal was Olympic sized. So big.

They provide free massages for the runners which I obviously took advantage of. My legs felt so much better after it! And of course I had to have the chocolate milk they supplied. And the bananas.

After checking out at the hotel and packing up we headed home. We were super hungry though, so we stopped at Panera! My first time there!

picstitch (8)

I got a tomato and mozzerella panini which was pretty yummy but I was still super hungry after so I got pesto sacchettini which was delicious! And a scone of course. Panera will happen many more times in the future 🙂

Photo1 (74)


We stopped at the mall on the way out and I couldn’t resist a smoothie. Avocado + banana = best smoothie I’ve ever had, not even joking! So yummy!

And then we made it home. I can’t believe the day actually came! I remember when I started training and the thought of running 5 miles was crazy. So much has changed!

Happy MIMM! What a marvelous weekend 🙂


All day long

Happy International No Diet Day!

Saturday was a long, geocaching filled day. Have you guys ever heard of geocaching? It is so fun! Don’t ask me what it is, read about it here. The group in my area put together a series of events called “Spring Fever Reliever”. It’s been a long winter and everyone was itching to get out and cache! We were really lucky. The weather was absolutely beautiful! I hope it’s like that for my 5k next weekend!

They placed 20 new caches to find. Every one you found, you took a card with a ticket. Then they drew at the end for prizes!

8:00: Pan-a-cake breakfast! It was some awesome fuel for the day. Pancakes, sausage, eggs, and I brought a green smoothie. This breakfast never fails.

Photo1 (55)

1:00: Flash Mob! “Star Wars” was the theme (May the 4th be with you) so I went as Princess Leia! I somehow squeezed in a 4 mile run right before this. No idea how.

Photo4 (4)

thrown together in 5 minutes

Photo1 (56)

me and father (Darth Vader)

Photo3 (10)

so creative.

Photo2 (20)

the whole group!

5:30: Potluck dinner and drawings! I wasn’t really hungry since we had just gone for ice cream(!) so I sampled a few things from my mom’s plate. We brought a potato salad. Nothing special.

Photo2 (21)

“taco salad” – without the meat! We got the recipe, don’t worry 😉 so yummy!!

Photo1 (57)

Jim’s is open for the year! bluemoon + vanilla with cherry dip top. ❤

Our ticket got drawn second so we just missed the grand prize. Figures. But we did win a backpack and a t-shirt!

It was a marvelous experience and I’m really excited to go hardcore geocaching this summer. If you’ve never tried it, you need to!

Now, in honor of International No Diet Day, go have that cookie/brownie/donut/ice cream! 😀


I can just feel my mood improving so much. It’s absolutely beautiful outside! 60 degrees this weekend- marvelous! I don’t know if that applies to you down south, but it feels like a heat wave here.


You know spring is here when… I can go Geocaching!

Photo5 (2)

You know spring is here when… I can jump on the trampoline!

Photo1 (49)

You know spring is here when… all the snow is off the deck!

Photo3 (8)

You know spring is here when… bike rides. Looove bike riding.

Photo4 (3)

You know spring is here when… I can run without a jacket!

Photo3 (7)

You know spring is here when… I have outdoor softball practices. The gym was getting pretty hard to practice in!

You know spring is here when… we start the yard work. Raking leaves is a lot of work!

You know spring is here when… I can cat hunt! Probably my favorite part of summer. I’ll just walk around town and find cats and pet them. (minou means cat in French… if you were wondering what the name meant!)

Image (18)

You know spring is here when… baseball is in full swing! Saw this on Pinterest. Love it.

detroit loves boston


I’ve got a suuper busy week ahead. This month is just packed! I’m just really happy 🙂

How was everyone’s Monday?

Always doing something

For not having plans this weekend, I still stayed pretty busy. That’s good though, otherwise I get quite crabby! Some marvelous  things did happen though, so let’s share!


Marvelous: On Friday I went to a friend’s birthday party. Healthy people, avert eyes. I ate so.much.pizza. I lost count around 6… I do think my body needed it though. Sometimes it needs a break from health and could use some grease to get movin’! I really enjoyed it and that’s okay once in awhile!

Image (12)

Marvelous: Went for our usual Saturday run with cousin Laura. Always a nice easy pace to get ready for Sunday long runs, and some good talks.

Marvelous: I hit double digits!!! It is so crazy to think about just a few months ago when the only exercise I got was going to the fridge. I ran 10 miles. Technically 10.8 with warmup + cooldown! I just can’t believe I’m here.

Marvelous: The Cellcom Half Marathon is in less than 4 weeks! Wow. That is going to come so quick! I’m so pumped.

Marvelous: Dinner on Saturday. Such an easy meal but it was so delicious. Ciabatta with turkey, swiss, spinach, and tomatoes with roasted asparagus. Those of you on Instagram know what I’m talking about!

photo (36)

Marvelous: Brunch on Sunday. I needed some recovery foods after the 10 miler and this was perfect. Baked Oatmeal Casserole  except this time we added a mashed banana to the oats. Shut the front door it was amazing. Plus a green smoothie.

Image (13)

Marvelous: Family dinners. Grandma doesn’t have them too often anymore but I love when she does. I think this was the first time I actually ate what she made, no fuss. Big steps! Chicken and biscuits. It was good! Plus her oatmeal bars. Grandma’s recipes are always the best.

Image (14)

Marvelous: I am planning a Run for Boston. I had the idea last week, and I’m making it happen. All the proceeds will go to the One Fund Charity. It’s a lot of work! But I think it’s going to go well. It’s on May 11 and I’m really excited. I probably won’t be on the blog world too much- I’m crazy busy!

I definitely feel like I gained a little weight this weekend. I’ll get back on track this week.

So that’s a little recap of my weekend. What was the best thing about yours?


Family is Key

This week’s MIMM is gonna be all about family- especially since it’s Grandma’s birthday!



I really am crazy blessed. Even though my parents are divorced, they still have a marvelous relationship which is awesome for me.

photo (30)


My step mom. We don’t have the best relationship but I think we’re on track to. We’re going to start cooking together once a week! I think it will really help us bond and I’m really excited.

My (half) brother. Yes he is super annoying but I guess he is 6 years old.

photo (31)


I’m super lucky that both my grandparents along with aunts and uncles and cousins live in this town. Some people hardly ever see their family but it’s a regular occurrence for me! It’s funny, we’ll often run into grandma at the farmer’s market or out to eat.

Talking more about her, Happy Birthday Grandma! 75 years old. She’s had quite a life!

photo (32)


We went out for dinner and I got a chicken sandwich which was not very good. But I ate it, it was my only dinner!

The most important person in my life? It really is my mom. We’re more like sisters than mom and daughter. She’s just a really cool mom. She always is willing to help me and has really good advice. She’s my rock.  Without her, I don’t even want to think about it.

photo (33)


What was marvelous about your day?

Are you close to your family?

A Marvelous Ending

Am I really….. done?! No more basketball??? Well, for two weeks until open gym starts 😉



I know, we still have high school ball. But this was the last travel tournament and last time this exact team will ever play together. Next year we’ll be split up on Varsity, JV, and Freshmen. And how cool that it was in our home gym, the first time we’ve ever hosted a tournament!

The night before the tournament (Saturday) we went to a benefit for a little girl with leukemia 😦 and so I could load up on my carbs. Spaghetti FTW!

photo 1 (22)photo 2 (25)


I love eating so much. The coleslaw was amazing! The desserts honestly were disgusting.

We had games at 10, 2, and 6. I love eating a good breakfast to keep me going!

photo 3 (21)

Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, banana nut cheerios, Greek yogurt, nutella, almond milk


I also had a leftover piece of the Oatmeal Bake. Yum! And a banana after the first game.

We didn’t disappoint the home crowd. We went 3-0 to seal the championship!

photo 4 (19)

Sadly, the last game I wanted to puke and cry because I ate way too many sweets. It’s not like I even ate that much, my body is just so not used to it. The concession had a bunch of baked goods to get rid of and they were way too good a deal for me to pass up. 2 for a quarter, I mean come on!

Image (2)

Pumpkin bread, banana bread, “energy bar”

They were these little mini loaves and so cute! The “energy bars” had oatmeal, peanut butter, coconut, sunflower seeds and chocolate chips. These weren’t the most unhealthy things I could’ve chose. I didn’t pick cupcakes or cookies!

I went for a 6 mile run after to feel better, and since it was my long running day for training. I had to stop at Mcdonald’s and pee, hahaha. I was feeling better after. I took a shower and went to bed! I was exhausted!

photo 3 (22)

family pic… do you think my arms are super awkward?

photo 4 (20)

friend ‘Tasi’

It’s just the beginning of basketball. I’ve got a long road ahead!

How were your weekends? 

I just realized I have a stats test tomorrow for the first grade of the marking period.. wish me luck!