Meet My Cats

I love cats.

My babies:


photo (7)photo (6)

Kiki lived under my deck for 6 months. Whenever I would try to pet her, she ran away. Finally, she let me pet her. I brought her into the house, and she never left. She is scared of strangers but is the sweetest thing if she knows you.


photo (8)photo (9)

Yes, my cat is named Poop. I was jumping on the trampoline one day when I saw a kitten running through my neighbor’s yard. “Kitten!” I yelled. “Leigha!” he meowed back. We took him inside and he jumped on the couch and went to sleep. He is my favorite. (shh!)


Cleo is the newest addition. She’s a little peanut! You just want to pick her up and squish her.

photo 2 (9) photo 1 (7)



Malcolm lives at my daddy’s house. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love him just as much 🙂


Jack also lives at Dad’s. He is possibly the fattest cat you will ever see. I should start cooking for him 😉

Photo2 (63)


Jasper… oh how I miss you baby girl. Jasper was the first pet I ever had. My parents had her before they had me. On March 29, 2011, she was taken to Heaven.  15 years old.



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