WIAW – Protein Pancakes

Does anyone else’s Bloglovin’ mess up? It never shows me new posts until long after they are posted, and sometimes it doesn’t show me posts at all! Anyway, it’s time for WIAW! Thanks for hosting, Jenn!

You guys should be extremely proud of me. I put effort in to all three meals! Say whaat? Yep! A much better day than last week when I ate the same meal twice in one day

Breakfast was a new recipe. Protein pancakes!


Just put 1/2 cup oats, 1 egg, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, a scoop of Greek yogurt, and 1 tbsp whole wheat flour in a blender. Pour on a low/medium setting griddle and top with whatever you like! Each side takes quite a while, so don’t worry about burning them.

Photo4 (9)

Then I went on a 5 mile run, and when I got home I was just starving! I threw together a favorite –

Photo5 (6)

This was my first time adding chia seeds to my toast and I loved it!

I felt ambitious at lunch, too, and it resulted in this –

Photo2 (48)

Whole wheat rotini with peas, spinach, tomato, pesto, feta, parmesan and an egg! Totally random but very good!

As i went to snack on grapes, I was disgusted to see:

Photo2 (49)

mold. In the garbage they went.

I was on a bike ride when my grandma called and asked to go golfing. I’ve only been out once this year so of course I was in! I had an apple (not pictured) to hold me over to dinner. I golfed a 68. (For those of you that don’t know, a par is 36. I’m not a very good golfer 😉 )

I’ll admit, I was thinking about dinner the whole time we were golfing. I may or may not have been crabby when I got home due to hangryness.

I didn’t have to wait too long for this plate of goodness:

Photo3 (23)

Grilled salmon, corn on the cob, salad, and avocado! The best part was definitely the corn. Avocado in second, salad because I needed some greens, and salmon… I didn’t like it very much. It has an odd taste. I still ate it though, because it’s so healthy. Why don’t I grill more often?!

I was greeted with many, many of theses babies during the day.



Cowpies. Please tell me you say cowpies and not no bakes?!

So, that was my (very successful) day of eats!

What is something that you eat every single day? 

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


10 thoughts on “WIAW – Protein Pancakes

  1. We must have very similar taste buds because all your eats sound like meals I would LOVE!! Although I’m sorry you weren’t a big fan of the salmon – just send it to me next time. 😉
    And I love your cat peaking in at your lunch. Too cute!

  2. My Bloglovin’ doesn’t update for an hour or two after I post (which I heard is common). One time my feed completely stopped updating and I contacted their tech support. They were really efficient and helpful and fixed the problem within a few hours. Anyway, enough of the tech talk…your protein pancakes look amazing!

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