Firecracker 5 Mile

I know I’m going a little backwards with posting but I want to share my race on the fourth with you!

The reason I wasn’t going to go hard at the half marathon on Saturday was that I ran a 5 mile race two days prior.  My plan was to get a good time at the Firecracker and take it easy at the half. I ended up going hard at both… figures 😉

This was my third year doing this race. They have it every Fourth of July, and let’s just say last year was not my year. I hadn’t been running at all and I pretty much died. It’s kind of funny to think about, haha!


red and blue in my hair for the Fourth!

Top: Target

Shorts: Kohls

Shoes: Mizuno Wave Elixir 8

I also wore my Boston wristband.

My plan was to definitely get under 40, and somewhere around 35 would be nice but no big deal if I didn’t. Photo3 (18)

I started off pretty fast (unlike the Heritage Half) and I didn’t feel as good. Miles 2 and 3 were probably my slowest, but I don’t know since I don’t have a Garmin yet.

Photo2 (35)

I still had enough energy to sprint at the finish though!

Photo1 (97)

I forgot to smile.. of course.

I ended up with 35:28 – PR!! I was the 5th women and first in my age group!

Photo2 (36)

I had to rush after the parade to Main Street to march in the parade – marching band! I played the bass drum, but I didn’t’ take any pictures. After that (and almost passing out in the heat), I went to my aunt’s house for her annual 4th of July party! This was really the first year I payed attention to the food, but man it was good.

Photo1 (98)


The main course was pulled pork and chicken but I don’t really do those. I had strawberry salad, broccoli salad (favorite!), fruit, cheese and crackers, and dessert! 

Photo2 (37)


Our contribution –

Photo1 (99)


Red White and Blue Trifle

The rest of the day was spent with family and friends having a lot of fun! The 4th of July is huge in my town. Everyone comes out and we have a big celebration! The night was ended with fireworks that didn’t get their picture taken.

So that was my 4th of July, and it’s pretty much the same every year, haha!

How did you celebrate your 4th?

Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday! 😀


8 thoughts on “Firecracker 5 Mile

  1. You need to give me some running tips! I am one of those people that despises running. I tried really hard last year to like it and even did a couple 5Ks, but I usually end up giving up on it. Looks like you had a lot of fun over the weekend!

    • Ask me anytime, girl! A couple years ago I’d have told you I despised running too. Now it’s part of my life! I hope you’ll find a love for it 😀

  2. It looks like an awesome Fourth – great running and great food! I’m definitely not a fast runner haha, but good for you for doing so well! I’m just happy that I actually enjoy running now and get excited for my running days! 😀

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