Run for Joe

My first race since the half marathon was yesterday, the Run for Joe, a 5k in honor of a local soldier who was killed fighting for our country.

Last year I ran this race and I got second place for all the women with a time of 22:57. I was so surprised to do that well!

photo (40)


That was literally the beginning of my running journey. So much has changed since then! I would say for the good 🙂

I had toast with pb and banana before the race and I think that is my super power food. I got there, registered, talked to some friends, went to the bathroom, and we were off! I seriously felt like I sprinted the whole race. 3.1 miles is nothing compared to 13.1!

Photo5 (4)

I finished in 20:31! A new PR by well over two minutes! I won overall women too!

Photo1 (81)


I was not expecting to win. It was a wonderful surprise!

Photo3 (14)


Photo4 (6)

ma and pa

Photo2 (29)


I felt like I could’ve gone faster. I wasn’t even tired at the end. I want to break 20!! I am so excited for cross country 😀 and summer races! I just want to race!

After the run I inhaled at least a dozen donut holes (I deserved them!) and then mom and I headed over to my step grandpas. I’m planting a garden there this year and we went to plan it! Then I found out that he grows asparagus (what?!) and it was ready! I had no idea how asparagus grows- right out of the ground and you just snap it and pick it!

Photo1 (82)


We won’t be buying asparagus for quite awhile 😉 or any veggies, once I start growing!

Do you have a garden? What do you grow?

Have you ever won a race? Age group?

5 more days of school! 😀


4 thoughts on “Run for Joe

  1. I once won third place for women’s overall time during a 5k.. but I am a lot slower than you! As for gardening, I used to have a garden! I grew pumpkins (never really made it all the way), cucumbers (I had way too many!), carrots, and tomatoes 🙂 It was a lot of fun!

  2. Oh my gosh how sad is it that I’ve never seen asparagus grow? I even thoughtfor a second that maybe they grew on trees or something (I’m blonde what can I say 😉 ) Congrats on the race! I love the finish line pic

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