Run for Boston

I did it. I organized a Run for Boston.

When I heard about the tragedy I knew I wanted to help. Being such a new member of the running community I was so inspired with how much everyone was affected and how much they helped. I wanted to be a part of it too.

I told my mom I wanted to organize a run to raise money for the victims and she thought I was crazy. “Do you know how much work a race is?” But I knew this was really something I wanted to do. I called lots of people and started planning for it. I designed t-shirts, ordered bibs, and got sponsors. I even got a local runner who ran in the marathon to come!

Photo2 (24)

The 5k went wonderful and drew 105 runners and walkers, even though the conditions weren’t great- it rained on and off. The best part… we raised over $2,000! The money will go to the One Fund Boston charity.

I was absolutely not expecting the run to become this big but it just shows how great the community is! I am really proud.

Photo3 (12)

Photo1 (65)

Photo1 (63)

I had a really fun time putting this together and I think I will organize another race sometime. I’m so happy that I could help the victims of the tragic event!


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