Fashion Friday


Image (22)

shirt: Lauren Conrad

jeans: American Eagle


necklace: Claire’s


picstitch (1)


jean jacket: Tommy Hilfiger (found at Goodwill!)

shirt: So

pants: Lauren Conrad



Image (23)

shirt: So

capris: Aeropostale

shoes: Claire’s

necklace: Candies


Photo1 (61)

track meet! read about it here.




sweater: Sonoma

jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

flats: Lauren Conrad

scarf: don’t remember!

New way to tie a scarf: tie it in a bow! Soo cute!


Tomorrow is the big day. It’s the 5k. That I organized. Oh I just really hope the weather holds out! It rained today! I’ll write a whole recap tomorrow, don’t worry 😉 I think it’s gonna go really well.

Any races coming up for you?

The half is next weekend! Ahh!

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