A track meet and the funniest video you will EVER see.

Just stopping by for a quick check in. I had my first track meet today! I was originally scheduled for the 2 mile, 800, and 200 hurdles buut it changed a tad bit.

I had this super yummy dinner last night for some night-before carbs. Recipe here.

Photo1 (62)

I love the night before races because it’s an excuse to eat pasta.


First of all, of course it was the windiest day we’ve had all year. Makes for a great track meet.

The two mile is the first event in middle school track (very stupid) so I was first to go. I was really hoping to get a gold but when I got there I saw my cross country rival. Ugh. She would normally beat me by less than 30 seconds.

The whole race was suuper tight. I even had the lead at some points. She did have the inside though so on the last straightaway she started going. I ended up losing by less than a second. It sucks, but it shows how much I’ve improved! I didn’t get an official time, but I’m pretty sure it was 12:35. The school record is 12:25 so I have a feeling it might be broken. Especially on a not windy day.

Photo2 (23)

i needed to be lazy right after and eat my chews

My next event was the 800. Last year, this was my event. Undefeated. Not to be broken this year. I won, my time was 2:50. That needs to improve.. it was super windy though!

Photo1 (60)

cuddling and keeping warm

So the change… I did shotput! I’ve never done it before (like even practiced) but I thought I’d try it. I ended up getting 25’4″, good for 5th place! I think I’m going to stick with it. It was actually kind of fun! I do have some nice arm muscle 😉


Okay. This is the best video you will ever see. Please watch it.

It is impossible to watch just once. Whenever I’m feeling sad, I watch this. Never fails to make me cry of laughter. Poor girl.

Hahahahaha it is so great.

Have a super Friday!


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