A Busy Saturday

I felt like I was just going nonstop all day yesterday. Woke up from my friend’s at 7:30. What two 14 year old’s wake up that early?! We are definitely not normal. I didn’t even stress about what we were having for breakfast. I just let it happen. Her mom was making bacon and potatoes, literally the only 2 breakfast foods I don’t eat haha. I had a bowl of cereal and some French toast they had in the fridge. It was hard not having my typical green smoothie, but I survived!

I had to leave pretty early to get to Tractor Supply at 9, where I was volunteering. It was pretty boring, but I made some money for my Washington DC trip so it’s all good. That was until 3 so it took up quite a chunk of my day. I learned how to grill!

Photo1 (47)

We didn’t just sit there the whole time, that would’ve been miserable. It was the day where you’re allowed to demo things they sell so of course I had to try out a mini bike.

Photo2 (17)

There was also a guy who made wood carvings with a chain saw. It was so cool. That takes some serious talent.

Photo2 (16)

Lunch break! I went to Bobaloons (again) and got a turkey pita. Not a fan of the mustard, but otherwise yum! And a scone of course.

Photo3 (6)

When I got home I went for an easy 3 mile run. I was perfectly happy. It was beautiful outside, I wanted to keep going forever. It was just amazing.

Photo3 (7)

Volunteered again at a community dinner. Had to wear light shirt and dark pants.

Photo1 (48)

Home, cereal, went to bed. I was so exhausted. In bed at 10 on Saturday night. It felt awesome.

What was the most interesting part of your Saturday?


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