Fashion Friday [4/22-4/26] + a few extras

Is it seriously Friday? This week just flew by! I’ve got a school dance and then I’m sleeping at a friend’s tonight. I’m forcing myself to be more social since I would happily sit in my living room this whole weekend 🙂 I’m looking forward to it though! My mom has been irking me lately. I need to get out of the house!


photo 1 (28)


shirt: Apt 9

jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

flats: Lauren Conrad

scarf: Mudd


Image (17)


shirt: Lauren Conrad

leggings: Wet Seal

boots: Naturalizer

bow: Mudd


Photo1 (42)


sweater: Princess Vera Wang

leggings: Walmart

boots: Candies

necklace: Vanity


photo 2 (31)


shirt: Forever 21

jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch


headband: Claire’s

necklaces: Claire’s


Image (16)


poncho: Lauren Conrad

tank top: COMO Black

jeans: American Eagle

boots: Payless

headband: Walmart

About my mom. I think I’ve been relying on her too much. We haven’t talked much the past couple of days, but I’m actually really happy. At school, practice, by myself. I feel really good. Maybe I just needed a break from her!

I’m also not worrying about food as much. We didn’t make dinner together, we just ate whatever we wanted (how we used to be). I feel like I listened to my body and it wanted carbs. So I had pasta the past two nights in a row!

Photo2 (15)


Whole wheat rotini with marinara, spinach, chicken, and an egg. I saw the egg on Sunnie‘s page and I’ve wanted to try it since. It adds so much flavor!

Photo1 (45)


Whole wheat penne with broccoli, chicken, and alfredo. Definitely added more sauce after this was taken.

Race planning is going amazing! I am a super busy girl. I had no idea it would take off like this. We’ve got radio stations, newspapers, Facebook, everyone is getting invovled! Check out the flyer below 🙂


Have a fantastic weekend!


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