Sorry I’ve been absent for a few days guys, I just wasn’t really feeling like posting with everything going on. 😦 Plus track’s started so that’s taking up some time.  However, I definitely haven’t been lacking in the food area, so let’s get started with WIAW (plus a few highlights) Thanks to Jenn, as always!

wiaw april


Photo3 (5)

I tell you, I have had a green smoothie every morning for at least a week straight. I’m obsessed. And they’re just such a great way to get some greens in the morning! This is from yesterday but I had the exact same thing today.

I also finally found oatmeal that I like! 1/2 cup oats plus half a banana right in the pot for 20 min. They absorb the flavor so well and with a little almond milk and brown sugar, this is heaven. I finally like oatmeal! 🙂


Photo2 (12)

Nothing special. I’m trying to use up the “smoked” turkey- I’m not a big fan. The sandwich was a multigrain thin, turkey, kale, feta, and a little hummus. I ate the apple and a leftover healthy cookie too.


Photo1 (35)

I was supposed to go cook with Lynn tonight, but she cancelled! I still wanted to make something so we made tuna patties and roasted asparagus. Both new things for me! Oh my gosh how have I never had asparagus. It’s so good! That will definitely be a staple this summer. And the patties weren’t bad either! They had a dill sauce which was delicious.   It’s so nice to be trying new foods now! I even finished my mom’s plate 😉


Photo1 (39)

I made another batch of banana muffins. This is coming to you soon. They are amazing. 


Photo1 (37)


Made this for dinner on Sunday. One of the simplest meals ever, but it was pure delicious. It wasn’t missing one thing. Tortellini, broccoli, mushrooms, and alfredo. I could eat this every day, not even kidding.

Photo2 (14)


I tried spaghetti squash! And it was disgusting. Well now I know! The pesto, tomatoes, and feta were yummy but not.the.squash. At least I can say I tried it!

Photo1 (38)

I went to Stone’s (again) You cannot leave there without a cookie! Gluten free peanut butter chocolate chunk. Does it get better than that?!

What is your favorite, simple recipe?

Feelings on spaghetti squash?


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