I see a better relationship coming

Last night was a major step for me. I bonded with my step mom. She’s a major foodie, but not necessarily healthy. But she wants to start eating clean so I headed over there and we cooked up a healthy but definitely hearty meal!

I went there having no idea what we were making so I couldn’t plan my other meals. I survived! And it didn’t even bother me too much that I wasn’t able to know. I just went with the flow!

Since I know you’re just waiting for me to tell you, we made Mushroom Kale Lasagna Rolls. Pretty similar to the Chicken and Cheese Rollups, but oh my gosh so much better. The flavor in these was just… I can’t even describe it. They were good. 

Photo1 (32)

We followed Skinnytaste’s recipe- found here. The only difference was that we homemade our own sauce. Which I think made the recipe.


2 cans tomatoes (1 Hunt’s fire-roasted, 1 roasted garlic)

scoop of tomato paste

1 thinly chopped onion

4 cloves garlic, chopped

salt & pepper


basil leaves, chopped

Add a little olive oil to small pot on medium. Add garlic, then onion. Add cans of tomatoes, then tomato paste if needed. Add basil. Don’t forget salt and pepper at every layer! Let it warm then you have delicious homemade marinara sauce!


Everything else was the same and it was perfect! I will definitely make this again.

What’s a cooking night without dessert? I’m sure you’ve seen the picture on Pinterest with the lonely cookie with chocolate oozing out of it. No? here.

chickpea cookie

Well we made them.

You would not be able to tell they’re made with chickpeas. Oh they were good. Yum yum yum.

Photo1 (33)


I learned a lot too. How to make better oatmeal, what a poached egg is, how to use spices, etc.

Image (8)


It’s something I think we’re going to keep doing and I’m really looking forward to it! I’m so glad we’re going to connect more. It’s been long enough!

Make any yummy recipes over the weekend?

Ever try a Pinterest recipe… and had it be a fail?

Been there, done that..


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