Will Spring ever come?

Is this even possible? Tell me how we got 6 inches of snow on April 12. Crazy! I guess I got one good thing out of it though- Snow Day!

Photo1 (29)

I shoveled so we could leave the house. Then we headed to town and did a little grocery shopping and went out for lunch.

We went to Stone’s (again) and this time I got a Chicken Cranberry Walnut Wrap (right). My mom got the Veggie Delight. I wish I would’ve got something warm though, the cold wrap did not hit the spot.  Couldn’t leave without a cookie!

Image (6)


I decided to get some use of the snow and went cross country skiing, one last time! Let me tell you, it was not very fun. But it was so pretty!

Image (7)


One last thing- dinner last night! We made Iowa Girl Eats’s Chicken Fried Rice. I love that girl so much! It was pretty wonderful. My first time ever having Chicken Fried Rice!

Photo1 (30)


I’m going to my dad’s tonight- I’m actually excited! I think it will be worthy of a post soon 🙂 I’ve got a busy weekend coming up!

Is it spring in your area yet?

Ever make homemade chicken fried rice?


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