WIAW {nothing special}

Whew, halfway already?! Time goes by crazy fast when you’re busy!

wiaw april

When I went to the therapist he told me to eat less carbs, more protein. I haven’t totally done that, but I am trying a little. I’m attemping to make 1 of my meals a day low carb.


Photo1 (25)

Oh, why don’t I make green smoothies more often? They are So. Good. With a small piece of the best banana bread in the world and a few strawberries, breakfast was amazing yesterday. This was my low carb meal, haha.


Photo1 (27)

You can bet I was super excited all morning to eat this gem. Lettuce, kale, turkey, hb egg, and feta cheese. Plus ranch (not pictured) YUM. And an apple. I really don’t think I should eat salads for lunch because I’m hungry an hour later. I need substance.


Photo1 (26)

Thai Peanut Noodles (out of a box). We added chicken, broccoli, scrambled eggs, and our own peanut sauce. It wasn’t bad, but I think I like the Pad Thai better. We finished it all, so we must’ve liked it somewhat!

I would say I did pretty good on the veggies. Better than I normally do!


We’ve been trying quite a bit of recipes that I haven’t been sharing (lazy 😉 ) so here’s one!

Photo1 (28)

Apple Kale Salad (Spinach and Apple Salad)

Fresh kale, sliced apples, toasted almonds, and feta cheese all drizzled with a sesame seed dressing. It was okay, not my favorite salad. But we tried it! It sure was pretty! It would’ve been better to use spinach- kale doesn’t stick to food very well. 😉

I had a little meltdown today. I might post about it tomorrow, maybe not. If I feel up to it.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. 3-5 inches ugh!! Snow, go away. 


8 thoughts on “WIAW {nothing special}

    • Oh my gosh best food ever. This is our special recipe (NOT healthy) but I’m gonna play around and make it skinny! I had a green smoothie every morning this week.. my obsession right now!

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