Family is Key

This week’s MIMM is gonna be all about family- especially since it’s Grandma’s birthday!



I really am crazy blessed. Even though my parents are divorced, they still have a marvelous relationship which is awesome for me.

photo (30)


My step mom. We don’t have the best relationship but I think we’re on track to. We’re going to start cooking together once a week! I think it will really help us bond and I’m really excited.

My (half) brother. Yes he is super annoying but I guess he is 6 years old.

photo (31)


I’m super lucky that both my grandparents along with aunts and uncles and cousins live in this town. Some people hardly ever see their family but it’s a regular occurrence for me! It’s funny, we’ll often run into grandma at the farmer’s market or out to eat.

Talking more about her, Happy Birthday Grandma! 75 years old. She’s had quite a life!

photo (32)


We went out for dinner and I got a chicken sandwich which was not very good. But I ate it, it was my only dinner!

The most important person in my life? It really is my mom. We’re more like sisters than mom and daughter. She’s just a really cool mom. She always is willing to help me and has really good advice. She’s my rock.  Without her, I don’t even want to think about it.

photo (33)


What was marvelous about your day?

Are you close to your family?


6 thoughts on “Family is Key

  1. Being as I’m super close with my mom, this post just brought the biggest smile to my face. Hearing the way you talk about your mom is just incredible, and I truly do wish every child had that relationship w/ their parents ❤

  2. Aw I’m glad you’re close with your mom. Mine can turn my whole day around even from 600 miles away. Have a great Tuesday, girl!

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