Not your typical spring break

Instead of going somewhere sunny and warm for spring break, my mom and I went to a bed and breakfast then dog sledding! It was really impromptu but we had a great time!

Neither of us had ever been to a b&b so we weren’t sure what to expect. Tom and Caroll were so nice and had great hospitality! When we got there Caroll had theย best peanut blossom cookies I’veย ever had. Ohhh my gosh.

Caroll raises sheep so we had to go out and see them! They really are pretty neat animals.

photo 1 (26)

We pretty much just visited with them the rest of the night. Such nice people! Tom and I had a nice conversation about running. He once ran 5 back to back 19 minute 5k’s!

Now the other half – breakfast! When I came downstairs Caroll had made scones. I once got sick from a scone but now I’m okay with them! They had oatmeal, apple, flax seeds, and dates, with whatever else is in scones. Warm out of the oven, they were tasty. She gave us a few to take home!

The rest of breakfast had raspberry cream cheese stuffed French toast (delicious!), sausage, potatoes, and homemade yogurt! Everyone also had their own fruit bowl. It was awesome.

Photo2 (9)

Before we left we went xc skiing in the back yard – 80 acres! We made our own trail and it was so beautiful.

Photo1 (19)

After saying goodbye we headed to the dog sledding. How cool! They had over 150 dogs. We got to harness them to the sleds and were taught how to drive. It was so fun! We did about 10 miles which took an hour. I got to drive my own sled! The guy who runs the company actually races the Iditarod. Cool!!

Photo1 (18)


Then we got to see the puppies! They were cute at first but then they started chewing on everything and being annoying so I wasn’t really interested haha.

After some cookies we headed for home! We had a nice talk which made the ride go by pretty fast. When we got home we were so exhausted we went right to bed. Back to the norm today!

Dog sledding really was a great experience and I would definitely recommend doing this sometime in your life. This was a super fun trip and I’m really glad we did it!


10 thoughts on “Not your typical spring break

  1. What a cool experience for your break! I bet that’s something you will remember forever. I have been to a few B&B’s and LOVED them! One was run by a woman who owned a blind horse. And she made homemade jam. It was quite epic and made me want to run my own B&B one day ๐Ÿ˜‰

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