Moving Uphill

I don’t know if any of you know, but I am depressed. Like really bad. I’ve finally told my mom and confided a little bit. My dad came over and we told him too. We’re going to get help. I’m gonna start talking to someone. I think I’m starting to get better. Just telling them made me feel good, like it’s out of my system and they can help.

It’s been really nice out the past couple days and that makes me feel a lot better. Nice like getting to run in capris!photo 5 (11)

Yesterday my mom and I took a ride to the big town and did some shopping! Kohl’s is honestly the best store. Ever. Such great deals!

photo 2 (26)



I got a nice brand new Colombia jacket ($230) for $46 plus 30% off! 2 in 1. It will be great for xc skiing!

photo 1 (23)


I also got a few shirts, socks, and some specialty food. Everything was so cheap!

For lunch we went to The Vierling. We couldn’t have meat since it was Friday, but we managed to prevail! I got a Greek Panini.

photo 3 (23)

ciabatta, spinach, feta, roasted tomato, herb dressing

photo 1 (24)

It was a new thing for me. I’m not used to ordering anything but plain pasta! But it was good. Really flavorful! … Unlike the coleslaw. I think they took cabbage and added milk. It was so bland!

As for my mom,

photo 4 (21)


An open Whitefish sandwich. Guess what? I tried it! And LIKED it! I’ve never eaten fish so that is a huuge step! I even finished it for her.

What’s a lunch date without dessert?

photo 2 (27)

Key Lime Pie. My first time ever having that as well! It was definitely homemade. The lime was pretty strong! The crust was to die for. We split it. It was just what I needed after eating!

We did a little window shopping, didn’t buy anything. As we were leaving, I saw an ice cream shop. I haven’t treated myself in a long time and said I deserve it! I think I need to treat myself more! I didn’t regret it and really enjoyed it! A little ice cream won’t hurt me!

photo 3 (24)

It was from the cutest little shop, Doncker’s. They had a restaurant upstairs, and we’re definitely going there next time we come to town!

So, I think I’ve taken the first step to get better. I’m opening up to my parents and I’m gonna try to be more social. It can only get better, right?

Have a great Easter! ❤



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