WIAW – Trying New Things!

I hardly have time to post anymore! I can always make a little room for WIAW, though! Thanks to Jen for hosting, as always!


It was a pretty typical morning – cereal. Today’s consisted of Kashi GoLean Crunch, banana cheerios, Greek yogurt, nutella, strawberries, and skim milk. It wasn’t the best bowl of cereal ever because I’m trying to get rid of the Kashi stuff. Not my favorite.

photo 2 (12)

I had a doughnut as a snack. Really unusual for me, I don’t normally have snacks or fried food!

photo 3 (11)

For lunch a generic turkey sandwich, almonds, and an apple.

photo 4 (10)

The New Thing: I tried Hummus! After school I had some carrots and crackers with it. I had no idea what to expect, but it wasn’t bad! I’m thinking about adding it to my sandwich. I still have to acquire more of a taste for it. I’ll definitely keep buying it!

photo 5 (6)

Dinner was up in the air and then my mom wanted soup. We had a mix to use up, so sure! Tastefully Simple Hearty Chicken and Dumpling Soup Mix. We’re on a mission to use all our “processed” and “boxed” foods. Let me tell you, this is making me rethink that! It was goood. We both burned our tongues though, haha. Chicken, dumplings, carrots, potatoes, peas, yum.

photo (26)

I’m branching out so much on all the food I’m trying! Remember this is coming from a girl who used to eat plain pasta EVERY night for dinner.


I’m a little bit worried about my diet. Normally I only eat 3 meals – no snacks. I feel like I’m not getting enough calories for my body, especially with all my exercise. Today was not a normal day for me. I ate a lot. I mean, compared to how I ate 6 months ago, this is nothing. I don’t know if my body is okay with it. Another thing – I’m not really feeling hungry. I know I have to eat, so I do, but the hunger doesn’t bother me that much. Hm.


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