On the Path to Success!

The tournament is looking good for us! We won both games today and beat our rivals! We haven’t beat them since fifth grade so it was a big deal.


getting a little cocky

I would say I did pretty good. 8 for 8 on my free throws! I also fouled out… but we pulled it off!

Now we have to win 3 games tomorrow and we’ll be the champs!


We went out for dinner to celebrate a hard effort. Carbs… <3!

They give you their bread as appetizers. Best. Bread. Ever. Dense, loafy, perfection.

photo 2 (10)

They have olive oil and pesto butter to spread. PERFECT.

I got a salad with my meal. It’s supposed to be Hot Bacon spinach but I got ranch instead… still not a bacon fan!

photo 1 (8)

It was the perfect size. Not too big so I still had room for the entree. And I got my daily serving of greens!

Since I eat meat and am branching out on foods now, I was able to order what the restaurant’s famous for – half and half! (half meat half cheese/alfredo) I ordered linguine.

photo 4 (8)

There’s also a meatball under there – I didn’t know it came with.

Let me tell you, it hit the spot. Carb heaven.

My mom got the penne half and half.

photo 3 (9)

The garlic bread was also to die for. Dipped in the sauce… <3!

We both took home leftovers and a piece of bread. I am excited for tomorrow’s lunch!


We’ve been relaxing the remainder of the night. Watched the Michigan State/Penn State game. Go Sparty! Championship tomorrow! Poop’s been adorable too.



photo 5 (4)


I also did this commercial workout for the healthysELF Challenge. Go check it out!

commercial break

Wish me luck tomorrow and have a great Sunday!


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