Another Win and OOTD #2!

It was tough, but my team came from behind and won the basketball tournament! It was a long day but not nearly as long as the last tournament.


We won our first game. Not very interesting. Lost the second game, and won the third. Since we had the second best record, we still made it to the championship!

The championship game was against the team we already lost to. We were ready for revenge! We won 28-26. I had 16 points!

Imagephoto 2 (2)

Only two more tournaments left!

That was Sunday – on Saturday my mom and I went to Green Bay to do some shopping. More like looking! The only thing we bought was tights. Not even kidding.

Outfit Time! 

This is what I wore yesterday to school.

photo 4 (3) photo 5 (1)

shirt: Kohl’s

fleece leggings


This was so comfy and cute too!


This week is the official start of my half marathon training! 12 weeks… so close! Here is my plan! I’ve also got some recipes coming up soon 🙂


Although this post is pretty happy and lighthearted, I’m actually pretty depressed right now. I’m not sure what to do with all my time. My life just seems to be going nowhere. I think I need to be more social.


Do you have the winter blues?

Are you training for any races?


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