Marvelous in My Monday

DID THAT JUST HAPPEN. oommmgggg. As I finished writing this whole post, IT ALL ERASED. Take a deep breath…….. laugh about it. It’s not the end of the world.


Thanks to Katie for hosting this Marvelous in My Monday!


It’s a coincidence that happened because this post was based on how blessed I am and to look at all the good things in life. Not the minor setbacks.

Well, this weekend definitely was better than last week. Yesterday for breakfast – all-you-can-eat buffet. Pancakes and SAUSAGE! (still not used to eating meat!) I ate a little too much. But I think my body really needed a break from health. It really cleaned my out (if you know what I mean ;)). A majority of the day was spent shopping with my mom. I got tons of new clothes and new cereal to try!! I’ll be posting some outfits soon 🙂 Again, I’m so lucky to be able to buy whatever we want/need.


We went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner (roast beef) Still don’t like that. I’m not a “beef” girl. When we finally got home, I was ready for my run. At the gym I did 7 miles. It’s like death during it, but the second I step off I feel like heaven. After my shower I had some cereal. (Kashi Autumn Wheat) The rest of the night was literally spent on Pinterest with my mom. She finally made an account!

lap couch potatoes

I had no school today – yay President’s Day! I still woke up fairly early around 8. I’m pretty sure most 14 year old’s weren’t up yet! I felt so great this morning. So refreshed. I did some yoga and Pinterested with my mom. Eventually we went to my aunt’s and visited with her. Then we went cross country skiing and it was beautiful. The trail was just perfect. We needed to use the chicken breast in the fridge so we made a chicken pot pie! Recipe coming soon 😀

chicken pot pie

This is my last busy week. Basketball, basketball, basketball. At least there’s no school on Friday!

Do/did you play any sports? 

Remember to always look at the good things and not dwell on the bad. Think: will it even matter in a week? That’s what usually helps me 🙂


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