Not the Best Week

I have the winter blues. I get it every year. I just feel like exploding. I hate school so much. Middle school is so stupid. I’m honestly considering homeschooling myself. I can’t stand the immaturity.

All that aside, I had one of my last long weeks. I can’t wait to be done and have time AT HOME.


Monday, 2/11

Cheerleading competition. I got my back tuck!!! (a back flip) We won. First place! That was my last competition ever, since I’m not cheerleading in high school. I’m happy I at least got to experience cheer for the past two years. It has helped so much with my muscles.

Tuesday, 2/12

Big rivalry basketball game. I’m the manager for the high school team, so I go to all the games and take stats. It was at their place. My varsity team lost by one point in overtime. It was the first time they’ve lost to that team in SEVEN years. Yeah it was a pretty big upset. I ran 3 miles before the game, so that was my workout for the day.

Wednesday, 2/13

More basketball. This time a home game. The team won. My cousin Laura texted me and wanted to go for a run, so after the game we went for a half hour jog. Laura is not the fastest runner. I was holding back A LOT. Whatever though, I was still exercising. It was nice catching up with her, too. Beginning of Lent! I didn’t give up anything… tsk, tsk.

Thursday, 2/14

Was it even Valentine’s Day? Below is all I got. Thanks G&G! I did, however, go ice skating (by myself) and go to the library. I am such a loner. Oh yeah, there was also a school dance. So I stood around for 2.5 hours and watched people make fools of themselves!

photo (16)

cat treats and bed, nail polish


Friday, 2/15

Got done with school early. Did a 3 mile run and went cross country skiing with my mom. The skiing was pretty good compared to the other times I’ve been out.

photo (17)

I was STARVING when we were done. My mom couldn’t decide what to do for dinner, so we went out. Fish Fry Friday! (not for me, I don’t eat fish) I did try my mom’s though. It was really plain. Nothing special. I got this soup.

photo (15)

Corn Chowder

I thought it was pretty darn good. Corn and potatoes and onions. I’d get it again. I had a vegan burger when I got home since I needed to eat more. I FINALLY watched “Pitch Perfect”. A cappella is pretty cool. I’d like to get a group together and try it sometime.

Saturday, 2/16

Basketball game. I HATE BUS RIDES. 3 hours EACH WAY. Not good for me. I looked at magazines and read my book. My team won JV and Varsity games. We stopped and McDonald’s on the way there and back. I didn’t get anything! It is so disgusting, honestly. Yuck! I ate healthy- turkey sandwiches, bananas, apples, and water. I can’t wait until everyone has to watch what they eat.

One more week of basketball. Two games. I can make it. Tomorrow I need to do a long run. At least there’s no school on Monday!



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