Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult

This was the first book I’ve ever read by Jodi Picoult. It’s about a woman, Mariah, who finds her husband cheating on her and her seven-year-old daughter Faith who starts seeing God and performing miracles. Soon the press is involved and now it’s a custody battle.

keeping faith

I really enjoyed reading this book. Sometimes it was confusing, though, because it was from all characters’ points of view. I found that I was more interested when a part about Faith came up. I like how it revolved around God.

I didn’t like the whole love story. Ian Fletcher is a reality tv show star based on atheism. He goes to uncover what Faith is doing and him and Mariah end up having something. It was kind of predictable.

About halfway through the book I was just reading it to get it done with. All this court and television drama didn’t interest me. I really only wanted to know what was happening to Faith.

And guess what? YOU DON’T FIND OUT. It leaves you guessing!!! Me, believing in God, will believe she was talking to God. But I really wish there would have been an answer. I mean come on!

So, I would give this book 3 out of 5. It was good, but not the best book I’ve ever read.


I’m going to read some more Jodi Picoult and see how I like her. So far, I think I do.


“You can believe something really hard, and still be wrong,”

-Jodi Picoult, Keeping Faith


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