Freedom is Almost Here

It’s been a very long week. I haven’t posted for awhile! Let’s start with last weekend.

Basketball tournament ALL day Saturday. 8:00 am game, we lost. Lose again and we go home. But not my team! We decided to win FOUR more games and get in the championship game. We lost that, so we got second place. SIX basketball games in ONE day. You think I was sore? I’m not even gonna answer that.

photo (12)photo (13)basketball knees

What else happened on Saturday? I lost my last baby tooth!!!! So I currently have no canine teeth and look like a 10 year old.

Last week was so busy. I literally leave for school, get home at 9 at night. At least it was my last week of cheerleading. The championships are tomorrow, then NO MORE CHEER!

We also bought some stuff at Goodwill/St. Vinnies. I’ll post more about them when we DIY!

photo (14)

This weekend was nonstop. On Saturday, I had a basketball tournament in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Our first game we played Bay Port, a school in Green Bay. Their smallest girl was my size. I am not a small girl! Yeah we got killed. 8:00 am games are not our strong suit. Only three games this tourney, so I’m not as roughed up. We won our next two games against Green Bay Preble and Elcho. I very much enjoyed this tournament because all the parents brought something to eat, like a potluck. I ate so much Texas caviar. So good!!!

Today- a light cheer practice to get ready for the comp. tomorrow, and a nice 6.5 mile run. It was my first time ever running on a treadmill. I think I’m gonna become a member of the gym. I have a lot to learn about them! I registered for the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon!!! So excited!!!

I had spaghetti with MEAT sauce for dinner! And it was good! I am so happy I’m eating new things. I guess there’s freezing rain tonight so possibly snow day tomorrow?! The roads are pretty bad I hear…

Another big chunk of my day was making this. The Eighth Amendment Probably not my best work, but whatever, I’ll still get an A in the class!

Two more weeks of basketball. Then I’m free…..




MY MOM IS SO STUPID. ughhhhhhh she just does not understand. ASDFGHJKL;


5 thoughts on “Freedom is Almost Here

  1. OMG another basketball player 🙂 I used to play basketball in elementary and high school. Now that I’m in college time is seriously limited so I play only occasionally. Love the sport!

    I understand that 6 matches in a day in ludicrously challenging. But what I don’t understand is how you ended the day with knees looking like that? Gosh, they must be painful!

    • I love it! It’s a place where all life’s worries go away and you just play. 6 games was crazy! The bruises are just about healed. More to come tomorrow though – another tournament! 🙂

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