Progresso Vegetable Classics Minestrone

Since my mom was crabby tonight, we did not end up making dinner. I still had a soup craving, however, so I made Progresso Vegetable Classics Minestrone. I like that it is vegetarian. progresso

I used the stovetop and it took about 10 minutes on a low-medium setting.

photo (10)

Finally time to eat! I thought it was good. I liked all the noodles, beans, celery, peas, carrots, potatoes, spinach,, and green beans. Progresso advertises that it has no MSG, which is good. The broth tasted fine alone, it was rather thicker than I expected.

So overall, I’d say it hit the spot for my soup craving. I ate the whole can, but that’s all I ate. I like how it is vegetarian, with no chicken broth or anything. It’s got high sodium, but it’s pretty hard for a canned soup not to. I would eat this again. It might be good to add some parmesan cheese or salt and pepper.

photo (11)


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