I am the champion!

It’s Snowcoming week at school. What is Snowcoming, you ask? Just like Homecoming in the fall, but in the winter! My school has dress up days and today was nerd day. Being the math geek that I am, I wore this130130-161047

Why am I the champion? I won the school spelling bee!  I finally won after all these years. Every single year I got out on an -ous word.

5th grade- copious

6th grade- ludicrous

7th grade- amorous

On some different notes, how am I supposed to run in this???130130-161631

Basketball is cancelled tonight, no cheer practice today……. I’m gonna die! What should I do?!?!!?

I think I’m gonna make an actual recipe for dinner tonight. Any suggestions?? I might post one of my own recipes… unless I hear of something better!

Last, I need to buy a running watch. I’m thinking about the Garmin Forerunner 10. Or the FR70??? Are they good?I don’t want anything super special, just distance, time, maybe calories burned? Any other watches would be greatly appreciated! Anyone selling an old watch? I could maybe buy!


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