And so it begins…

I ran the first 5 mile run of my half marathon training. It was great. The scenery on the boardwalk was breathtaking. Words can’t describe how good I feel. I’m sure all the other runners know the feeling of finishing a long run! The whole rest of the day you feel good. And since it’s drizzling, my feet were literally saturated 100% from puddles and snow. 

To celebrate, it’s Taco Tuesday! A local group has a fundraiser every week and I usually go. Today is the first time I EVER ordered meat. Normally I get a veggie taco, but I’m expanding my horizons! I know I’m totally going in the opposite way of most health freaks (just starting to eat meat), but I believe meat is okay in moderation. So, what did I order? Taco salad! Light meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. I ended up picking a lot of the meat out but I’m proud of myself for eating some!

Image(not my taco salad, I wish)

While it was a very different day than I imagined it would be, it was definitely for the better. I was supposed to have cheerleading practice and a basketball game, both were cancelled. 

Uggghhhhh……. just realized I forgot about Dance Moms…….. poop


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