Two Hour Delay?! Cheerleading Competition!

As I was doing yoga that I woke up early for this morning, my mom informed me that my school has a two hour delay  snow day! So what am I going to do for two hours the rest of the day? Blog, of course!

Last night I had a cheerleading competition. Sis! Boom! Bah! Not really. Cheerleading is such a workout. I mean, hey, we’re lifting people. I mainly joined for the tumbling (gymnastics) part. Oh yeah, did I mention that my mom’s the coach? Anyway, we won! There still might be one more competition but we’re not sure yet.

Watch my team!

Round 2!i=2341267703&k=vzwb6Jk

Round 3!i=2341466388&k=V8KgjT7

(Middle school doesn’t do round 1)

2013-01-23 19-42-24 (2)2013-01-28 18-40-54 (2)

Happy Tuesday!


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