Vegan Burgers, Basketball, and First Post!

Sundays are pretty busy for me. Church, then two basketball practices, noon-1:30 and 3-5. Today I had a banana and turkey sandwich in between to refuel. I am ready to eat when I get home.

I made a vegan burger for dinner. I use BOCA Original Vegan (2 WWP).  They couldn’t be easier to make, put it on the pan and flip it when it’s brown. I use Brownberry’s Sandwich Thins (3 WWP) for the bun as a healthy alternative. I also used those on my turkey sandwich earlier.

I put some lettuce, added the burger, put some mayo (I love it) and that’s my dinner! I also made some peas and mixed them with the remnants of the sauce from my mom’s Lean Cuisine Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli, which was pretty tasty.

photo (4) 

We’re supposed to get a snow storm tonight! Snow day tomorrow? I hope so!


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